I need help getting out of my dress pickle!

Okay, internet. You helped me before. Will you help me again?

It looks as if the Pudding Family will be embarking on a situation that will require us to stand in front of over 100 people in church tomorrow morning.

(We’re going to be singing “Eye of the Tiger.”) (Not really.)

Anyway, because I rarely leave the house, I don’t really have any dress-up clothes that carry the style I’m currently striving for. Do you want three adjectives? Vintage, French, Quirky. (I know. Shut up.)

Last night I went to the store I tend to rely on entirely too much. Kohl’s. I’m never happy with what I purchase there. In fact, whenever I leave, I feel as if I have Settled. This morning I went to Target (for Valentines and tights), and ended up falling in silly love with a goofy little dress.

Internet, here are your choices:

Option Number One is a Chaps dress purchased at Kohl’s. As you can see, it is short sleeved and it sort of sashays a bit. You’ll also notice that we own the Fat Albert box set, and we keep it on the floor by the fireplace. To me, Option Number One says, “Hey, Hey, Hey! I’m prosaic!”


Option Number Two (shown here in a very unflattering photo) is the Target dress. It also has short sleeves, but in the photo I’m wearing it with a super-cute sweater, which I also found at Target. To me, Option Number Two sort of says, “I’m a (insert adjective here) flight attendant!”


Help me?

(I feel like I need to add a parenthetical aside telling you that I KNOW I look ultra tired and that I have no idea how to stand for photos. I really am super-awkward. And sleepy.)

Thank you in advance for your wisdom. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

70 thoughts on “I need help getting out of my dress pickle!”

  1. Tattoo confusion appears to be overriding dress confusion… was this your secret plan, hmmm? I like them both, but #1 seems a little more summery than #2 – the clincher for me would be how warm it was going to be (or not). But I like the idea about #2 with the tights being a little less opaque, then you will look tres, tres chic, oh la la!

  2. know this isn’t very helpful…but i like both options for different reasons…i would say…what do you feel most comfortable in?…(i’m shy and standing in front at the church would scare me silly….so i would choose something to wear that i didn’t have to worry would do something weird or make me feel more uncomfortable)….am another voice asking about tattoos?….hmmm?

  3. I would do #2, but I want to see it without the cardigan. If you are all CARDIGAN-ADDICTED, open it, and maybe add a belt. Alternately, a shorter cardigan. Please use the beatific pose you’ve got in picture #1, though. So church-appropriate.

  4. #2, because #1 whispers “I’m shy, please don’t look at me standing in front of church.” Oh wait – it’s 10:45 Sunday morning. I bet Im too late.

  5. I was going to mention the tattoo, but I was afraid I was the only one seeing it. I’ve been taking a lot of allergy medicine.

  6. I would have gone with two as well, but I keep checking the comments on this post to see what’s up with the roving tattoo!!

  7. Number 1? They’ll ask you to join a committee.
    Number 2? They’ll ask you to chair a committee.
    Both cute, and both can seal your fate.

  8. I know I’m late, but I’m with the 2’s. The first one is cute too but not what you’re going for here. Also, when I saw this post title, I was thinking it was about a pickle costume…

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