Just call me Featherbrain.

So, yeah. Have you ever been fairly unwillingly dropped into a city where you don’t speak the language? That’s where I am right now.

If you care: Liquidweb is now my host. BUT, they apparently won’t let me use one of the later versions of WordPress? Maybe? And although I was able to drag some of my old stuff over here, it looks like crap. Also, my e-mail isn’t working. No incoming. No outgoing. And my M&M thing? Yeah. It’s screwed up again, too. Seething! Me! Right now! Do you smell it?!

I’ve currently got the towel wrapped around me. But I’m about to take it off and throw it in.

Go celebrate the fact that you’re not around me right now! Because I’m shooting fire out of Every Hole.

8 thoughts on “Just call me Featherbrain.”

  1. It’ll get easier I swear. (Of course, this is coming from someone who moved her main blog back to Blogger after having a big girl blog for a year.)

    You’re using the version of wp installed at your host’s site, right? Not just pointing your domain at wordpress.com? When I used a host service (we’ll call them nightmare host) that came with pre-installed wordpress, rather than trying to beg them for help, wordpress.org’s support forum was my savior.

  2. and your latest post hasn’t shown up in google reader…not that you needed more headaches, but…i’m just sayin’.

    i hope to see you friday night with my little lady.

  3. This is the funniest thing ever. I’m no longer able to log in to my own site. Hooray!

    This could be the beginning of the end! It’s just like Electric Dreams!

  4. Teri–Until I’m able to stick a banner up there, I think the template I’m using does a switcharoo sort of thing. I’m telling myself that it’s fun and quirky!

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