He’s crotchety, too.

Harper: Does Ella have a sister?

Meredith: No. But she has a brother. A mean brother.

Me: She does? How old is her brother?

Meredith: He’s 68. Namasté.

(It’s Cultural Awareness Week at Meredith’s school. She’s particularly fond of India.)

((I love the thought of Ella, who is five, having a 68-year-old brother who is still sponging off of their parents. In my mind, he looks a bit like David Crosby. And he spends a lot of time sitting around in his underpants. Eating applesauce straight from the jar.)) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

4 thoughts on “He’s crotchety, too.”

  1. You have GOT to love the conversations with the young ones… mine has bombarded me with ploys to get me too buy him Pizza Hut & save it in the freezer so he can grab a piece if he gets hungry before bedime. And he’s TWO.

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