Don’t say booze and nudity.

Can you read with your eyes closed?

Okay, then. Close your eyes and picture yourself as a knitter who is trying to finish some knitted gifts before the holidays. Also, it’s snowing and you’re in your pajamas drinking coffee and watching Season Two of Gilmore Girls. Wait! What’s that noise? Oh! Because the mailman has a bit of a crush on you, he’s delivering the mail to your door instead of making you trudge to the box. Okay. Hidden in that stack of bills and holiday cards is an invitation to a late-night knitting party!

What would make that party The Perfect Party? ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

39 thoughts on “Don’t say booze and nudity.”

  1. A knit-off. (Hey, if there isn’t such a thing, there ought to be.) What a lucky dog you are to have a mailman with a crush on you. So long as he’s not creepy like mine is.

  2. Make it a pajama party! With hot beverages! And maybe silly eighties movies playing in the background so you could all cringe and laugh!

    OR – make it a W-T potluck party! Invite everyone to bring their favorite and most humiliating food to share. (Mine would be a famous jello dish that has walnuts and grated cheddar cheese on the top. And it rocks. Trust me.)

    Whatever you choose I hope it is wonderful.

  3. I don’t knit (anymore), but I would still come to the party. Especially if there was going to be hot chocolate. And cake with ice cream. Or brownies. And if you have a fireplace, a fire. Sounds fun!


    Wait, if she’s not available, then maybe homemade food brought by everyone, great music, even greater conversation, and…a yarn/fabric swap (get a coupon per yarn/fabric donated, spend a coupon to get something new. everyone’s happy).

  5. Friends
    Door prizes/gifts of some sort
    Food that can be eaten in one or two bites and doesn’t dirty up your fingers (I’m a little slow on the uptake – this is often called finger food)
    Delicious beverages (caramel hot chocolate, bellinis, hot toddies, other sparkly bevs that are N/A)
    Movies on in the background, but maybe with sound turned off (guilty pleasure movies or chick flicks)
    Having slippers on
    Music, turned down low
    Some sort of interaction-inducing/conversation starting prompts that are maybe R-rated (late night = naughty)

  6. Something mysterious, like “and stay until 8pm for The Big Reveal.” I have no idea how you’d pull that off. Maybe reveal that you have a family of aliens living in your front closet? Forget it. Bad suggestion.

  7. Hot cocoa with “please drink responsibly” options.
    I like the suggestion above of 80s movies (or music) too.
    Seems like a really fun idea!

  8. I am not a knitter, but some suggestions:
    * Pot luck munchies and wine
    * Hot chocolate and holiday cookies
    * “You’ve Got Mail”
    * Have everyone bring a project that they Just Can’t Bring Themselves to Finish and have someone else in the group work on that project for you (everyone finishes someone else’s Bane of My Existense project)
    * Babysitter in the basement
    * Holiday music
    * Yarn swap?

  9. I am also not a knitter, but I agree with Your Sister about the Sammy Hagar and margaritas.

  10. yarn ball swap!

    Exchange names, then make your person a ball of yarn with cool stitch markers, notions, fun stuff and CHOCOLATE hidden inside. Just make sure you have a ball-winder at the reveal.

  11. a finishing expert — someone who can help me with the final seams, stitching on buttons, blocking, etc.

    that and some hot chocolate or cider and I’d be hopping to go

  12. No hooch…knitting while bombed is bad unless you want to frog everything the next day.

    A swift and ball winder for everyone to share and wind up any hanks they may have on hand.

    No drippy foods or foods that will gunk up your fingers.

    Door prizes of stitch markers, yarn cutters (those Clover ones are cute!), dpns, maybe a pretty nostepinne.

  13. Knitting and chick flicks! I recently had a knitting/chick flick party to celebrate my engagement. Ever since my boyfriend proposed to me with a gorgeous diamond engagement ring from IDoNowIDont I decided to have a girls night in party. Don’t forget the booze!

  14. Wow, so many great suggestions already! I’d thought of a yarn grab bag because I love picking out yarn by feel. But I really like the idea of a yarn ball swap with gifts hidden inside. Maybe a stash swap. Or is it just me that’s tired of looking at some of my fabulous finds and wants better homes for them?

  15. Its pretty hard to beat knitting in your pajamas, with a hot beverage AND the Gilmore Girls… BUT if you could throw in professional neck- or foot massages it would bring the evening to a whole new level of bliss!

  16. Handmaiden.

    It’s Seasilk & Camel hair. It knits like a dream and makes every knitting project more fun. I love it.

    and back rubs and champagne
    brownies and friends

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