I’m simply mollycoddled!

Internet Friends, I am lucky.

In the past year, because of Fluid Pudding Dot Com:

  • I was able to share 60 boxes of M&Ms with you.
  • I was able to do that whole Bedroom Makeover thing.
  • I funded a trip to BlogHer in San Francisco by selling handknit socks and sock ornaments. (AND, Ornament Friends? I’m 1.5 ornaments away from sending out packages! I’ll be in touch with you sometime in the next week!)

And that’s just the Stuff part of it. To risk sounding all drippy and kissy-faced, I really can’t put into words just how amazing FPdotCom has been in regard to Community and Friendships and Goodwill and Whatnot. I know I’ve been guilty of being all, “Blah blah blah I QUIT! Here’s a Jeff Buckley video for you to prove just how much of a quitter I really am!!!” in the past. Right now? I’m at a Fluid Pudding Happy level of 9.6! (And you know who you are, Person Who Recently Brought Me Down By Four-Tenths of a Point!)

Anyway. A few weeks back I asked you guys to visit Secret Agent Josephine and enter my name in her monthly banner drawing because I’m nothing but a disaster at banners and I’ve always admired her work. (Yep. Check out those coffee cards. Is it wrong to be so in love with a set of cards?! Also, I have four words for you: Pockets the Lumpy Cat. Please adopt Pockets and then come right back here and tell me about the nice home you’re going to give him. Because I love that stinkin’ cat.) And you visited her. And she visited me. And now? Well, look at my banner. (Wait a second. Just looking at that banner shot me right back up to a 10! 10.4, even! Take THAT, PWRBMDBF-ToaP!)

And that’s not all. After I wrote that post, I was contacted by an old college friend who took time out of her day to design some sample banners for me! And look at how cute they are.

So fun. So cute! It’s a cross-eyed cat! (AND, if you’re interested in contacting Linda for a possible banner and her schedule has room for some freelance work, shoot an e-mail my way (angela at fluidpudding dot com), and I’ll forward your request on to her!)

Anyway. The phrase Embarrassment of Riches comes to mind a lot these days. And for that? I thank you. And you. (But not YOU, PWRBMDBF-ToaP. I’m a huge grudge holder, you know.)

Pockets the Lumpy Cat! Go get him! ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

23 thoughts on “I’m simply mollycoddled!”

  1. Just as all of your loyal readers were going through FluidPudding withdrawal (after a full month of daily posting, to go almost three days with nothing?!?) then BAM! You go extreme makeover on us. What will you come up with next?

    Cool…I just looked up the page and noticed you have a different banner for the comment page!

  2. Well crud. I tried to click on your banner to go back to the main page and nothing happened!

  3. I love SAJ! She made my banner too!

    She also made an illo of the kids and I and I might have to use the head as my icon too – what a great idea!

  4. Well, really? Who HASN’T been all “Blahblahblah I QUIT”. But you know how we never do and then you end up going, “dooood. Angela? At FP? She’s the BIGGITY BOMB!”

    Is that how you spell Biggity?

    Also, then we go, “SO GLAD I DID NOT STOP” because lo, there would be weeping. And no weepies.

    Your site is purty. I did like your stick man, myself, but SAJ? She can illustrate like a queen.

  5. I have never done the “BlahBlahBlah I Quit” thing on my BLOG b/c I use my BLOG to do the “BlahBlahBlah I Quit” thing with everything else in my life. Like marriage and motherhood. The days that I want to quit marriage or motherhood are directly related to the days that The Biggest Loser gets deleted before I watch it or the days Spit-Up ends up ruining my favorite sweater. Just for the record.

    Your banner is 31 flavors of AWESOME.

  6. I am embarrased by how much I love all the bannery (?) goodness and all the new fun stuff…and, you know…you not quitting and all that.

  7. Wheeee, congratulations on all that lucky stuff.

    But PWRBMDBF-ToaP, whoever you are?? How DARE you rain on Miz Pudding’s parade! Shame, shame, SHAME on you, I say.

    Also, Grrrrrrrr!

    (Do y’think that sounded fierce enough to scare ‘im or ‘er away for you?)

  8. I really love your new banner — why you even make a nice cartoon!

    Enjoy your riches, you deserve them!
    xoxo, even tho I didn’t get any M&M’s

  9. I love the new banner, so cute! Glad your happy. Your blog is my favorite, esp. when your happy and ya know it (clapping hands).

  10. The loveliness of SAJ knows no bounds. She is an amazing person. YOU, Mrs. FP, are always quite awesome and I want to kiss you full on the lips RIGHT NOW.

  11. Absolute awesomeness. I love Brenda. I bought her ABC flashcards and made a gorgeous wall hanging for my friend’s baby, and sometimes I visit her to see the cutie pie SAJ work. (But then I have to hem and haw over the baby and how I really don’t want to babysit, so that’s awkward.)

    Love the new look. Kind of miss the tank o pudd, though. Maybe it will find a tiny place someday, for old times sake.

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