Resolution, Schmesolution.

So, it seems that every year I think about my goals for the following year, and then I immediately go all blah, blah, blah “I want to read more books and knit more socks for others and make falafel and scare myself a bit and so on! Bring it! Indian food!”

This year I’m keeping it simple. Three things.

I’m going to try my hardest to treat others the way I would like to be treated. I know. Golden Rule and mashed potatoes and all of that. We all know how thin-skinned I am, so this boils down to fluffy words like generosity and compassion.

I’m also going to try to treat myself the way I would like others to treat me. I’ve often been told that I’m entirely too hard on myself, which I find difficult to accept. Maybe I’m really NOT such a terrible mom/wife/friend/etc. (Also, this goal could be stretched and molded a bit to include the occasional purchase of silk yarn and/or custard pie. Because I would like others to purchase silk yarn and/or custard pie for me, and I now want to treat myself the way I would like others to treat me. See how that works? Easy! Silk and pie, my friends!)

Finally, and most importantly, my loftiest goal seems to be wearing a pair of This One is Simple pants, but those pants are mighty deceiving. I plan to Listen. Instead of losing my patience with my kids, I’m going to try to really Listen to them. Maybe there really IS a reason why Harper needs to get out of bed and eat a few Tostitos at 10:30 at night. Maybe Meredith really DOES need to count to 100 again and again (and again). Maybe Jeff has a need to sing The Hold Steady songs in the morning when I’m trying to put my day together. Listening! Kindness! All of that! Bring it!

In a nutshell: Brotherly Love, Soft Core Narcissism, and All Ears.

Have a Happy New Year. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

20 thoughts on “Resolution, Schmesolution.”

  1. Of course there’s a reason Harper must get up for a few Tostitos at 10:30 at night…it’s because she’s secretly my child in training for the family tradition of being made fun of for our middle of the night trysts in the kitchen for “just a little bite”… heehee

  2. beware the custard pie, my friend.

    I made one 2 days ago and it – and about 143 points – is long gone.

    Pillsbury crusts have brought pie to the masses.

  3. I love the second one, isn’t it funny how we tend to spend more money other people than our selves? Or do something nice for other people but forget to take time for us?

  4. Oh, see, there for a minute I thought we had the same goal – to wear pants. And, then you took it to another level with the whole listening thing. No, I just strive to wear pants this year.

    Happy New Year! Thank you for sharing peaks into the Pudding world with us pantsless internet folks.

  5. Those are great resolutions. I’ve resigned to calling mine intentions….that way if I fail.

    Wait. I’m not going to fail. Especially since one of my intentions is to think positively! :)

    Happy New Year!

  6. I think these are stunningly good intentions! The thing about listening to kids counting -whilst you try to work out the real reason they’re doing it obviously- is that it’s impossible not to count along in your own head with them (and so annoying if they miss one) and I just don’t want to keep counting to 100 over and over. But if my kids do, then I’m doomed to silently count along with them.

  7. I’m glad you only have 3, cause I only had 1. It is to not snark about anything/anyone during the month of January. Yes, just ONE month, but if I can make it through one month, it’ll be a miracle! I might have to amend my resolution to make an exception for snark in the workplace, though.

  8. Mine are
    1. Stop swearing
    2. Stop flipping people off while driving
    3. Lose 50 lbs

    1 is going fairly well. I am down about 80 percent. On #2 I am perfect, and here it is, day 4 of the year. #3…well let’s not talk about it. I will start again tomorrow.

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