Facebook has zapped me.

Me: So, it appears that I have sort of let Fluid Pudding go these past few weeks.

Jeff: Huh.

Me: I got a new phone. Does anyone want to hear about it?

Jeff: It’s The Facebook Effect.

Me: I have no idea what you’re saying.

Jeff: You told your Facebook friends that you got a new phone. You went on for two sentences or so, and then you ran out of characters.

Me: Yikes. I’m running out of character and losing my ability to elaborate. Rattlesnakes are eating their way through my saucy shoes!

As soon as I hit the Publish button over there to my right, I’m going to high five myself and go Facebook-free for a week. It’s like my own little social experiment! Focus shifting and prioritization and sparking and let’s see what happens! LET’S SEE IF I GET POKED!

Oh. I finished a few knitting projects and am starting a new one on Thursday. Do you want to hear about it, or should I save it for Facebook? I have knitting goals, people! And that sounds really crazy to 43.9% of you.

I’m almost forty years old. (Technically, I’m almost almost forty.) I don’t think I have enough cheese to feed Fluid Pudding, Twitter, and Facebook. Are any of you worn out? Are you knitting? What sort of cheese do you prefer? Is anyone else robbing Peter to pay Paul?!?! ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

36 thoughts on “Facebook has zapped me.”

  1. I don’t know how I feel about Facebook. One of my friends really wanted me to join, so I did and so far, I’ve found a bunch of people I went to high school with that I never want to see again. I haven’t added any of Teh Internets because I don’t feel like Teh Internets need to know my real name. And I just don’t understand the apps, the “awards”…I think Facebook can bite me.

    Twitter, on the other hand…oh Twitter, how did I live without you?

    And yes! I would love to hear about your knitting! I’m knitting and I had to do another stinking swatch today because I swatched to the wrong gauge.

  2. I’m worn out.

    I have robbed Peter to pay Paul, but that bitch Mary won’t even return my calls.

    I enjoy cheese of many kinds. Lately, we’ve been buying a lot of Cambozola (Camembert and Gorgonzola – brie and blue cheese) because Trader Joe’s sells it for cheap. I’m also a fan of Kraft American Cheese 2% slices.

    And I’ll listen to your knitting talk every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

    I’ll confess to no interest in Facebook whatsoever.

  3. I’m almost 40 too and yes, I’m worn out dealing with my tween, trying to knit but not being very successful, thank god I don’t do facebook, twitter, myspace, and definitely robbing peter to pay paul. I confess I’ve been missing regular posts from you.

  4. Facebook is just so enticing with it’s low commitment status updates and it’s funny little gifts and games. My blog won’t let me give Buffy the Vampire gifts to people. Facebook does. *sigh*

    I like my cheese like I like my men. Cheap and overprocessed.

    Wait. That didn’t read as funny written out as it sounded in my head. Oh well.

  5. Knitting report yes!
    Facebook NO!
    Twitter… no opinion. I’m not twittering. yes, I’m the last person on the planet.

  6. I do some amount of Facebook, but not so much that it cuts into Blog time. Twitter I tend to forget about…I like my blog the best, I wish everyone did too (liked their blog the best, not mine). (But wait if everyone liked mine the best that would be cool too.)

  7. Facebook has reconnected me with one of the best friends of my life, whom I hut deeply and who has shown an abundance of grace and forgiveness. Also, I like Mob Wars. Facebook has destroyed my blog.

  8. I ignore my Facebook (though I’d still like to *friend* you), I knit regularly, and my favorite cheese is Fluid Pudding. All true.

  9. My poor blog has felt neglected lately, too. I mean, after 5 years is there anything left to say?

    Also, Facebook is a tricky mistress. I have resisted many of her wiles and trickery (I don’t need gifts and poking), but I do like the reconnecting with people aspect of it.

    But Twitter? Oh, I am Twitter’s bitch now. (Can I say ‘bitch in your comments? I think I just did. Twice. Oops.) I cannot resist the call of Twitter.

  10. I try and keep my Facebooking to Scrabble/Lexulous only. I have been knitting bandages for lepers in Vietnam (can you be saintly and brag at the same time?), but I have my eye on a little stuffed bunny in a sweater out of Toy Knits.

  11. If you are feeling a drought, I think you need to add a little picture of the pudding tankard into your blogroll or up by the Ewe. I don’t know how I know that this is the answer, but I’d give 4 to 1 on it.

  12. I get sucked in by Ravelry more than Facebook. But I can never leave facebook – it feeds my Scrabble obsession. (I have about 9 games going right now.)

  13. I had no idea Facebook had Scrabble. I love Scrabble. I can’t seem to stay away from FB either. I’ve only been on it for a few weeks.

    My favorite cheese is provolone.

  14. I am not on facebook. There are so many people I don’t want to re-unite with, really. But I am still exhausted and can’t finish a thought. I love horseradish cheese.

  15. I initially went hog wild for Facebook but quickly became turned off by all the high school peeps popping up left and right. So much so that I’ll probably delete my account soon.

    I prefer Twitter and blogging when I feel up to it.

    I love munster cheese in all its fatty goodness.

  16. I determined a long while ago that facebook would be one too many online commitments – and I only Tweet if the mood strikes me. As for cheese I’m a fan of swiss. As for knitting I have lofty dreams, more realistic goals and hope to finish something soon; maybe the premie hat or a sock.

  17. I’ve been called a “lurker” on Facebook because I’ve failed to get into it. I think maybe because I never got in touch with friends after high school or college because I didn’t like them that much to begin with. Why find out what they’re up to now?

    Swiss. Melted on an Asiago bagel. Yum.

  18. If you resist getting sucked into the bad-grammar-and-typo-filled quizzes, meaningless awards, and save-our-oceans-one-fish-at-a-time apps, and if you can feel no shame in declining requests from marginal people, Facebook can be really wonderful.

    However, having said that, I must admit that I HAVE been sucked in by all those things, and I have NEVER declined anyone who wants to friend me (do I even KNOW that person?!), and yet I still think Facebook is wonderful.

    I also think cheese is wonderful. Any kind, actually. Although I think the highest and best use of cheese would be either of the whole-milk mozzarella variety (in caprese salad, ideally) or pimento’d, grilled on buttery whole-wheat.

  19. I don’t have a blog, I do have facebook, I do not Twitter, because if I did I would never get work done again. I want a knitting report, please. I am sure that I care more about the knitting than those shallow facebook folk.

  20. I’ve never met a cheese I didn’t like.

    I’m not a knitter, but I do enjoy your knitting reports.

    I have a half-assed profile on Facebook, but the whole thing sort of overwhelms me.

    Keep the posts coming, I enjoy reading your blog!

  21. I am just beginning to understand that like real life cheese there is a balance that makes it all work.

    The elegant smooth Fol Epi for The Blog
    The everyday smokey cheddar for Facebook
    And the can of Cheeze Whiz for Twitter

    Sometimes you mix them up, some times they are served up alone.

  22. I have definitely missed your regular posting… and I do not knit but sort of enjoy living vicariously through the projects of other people (including you).

    I do not wish to do Facebook, because I do not want to be found. I barely have time for my family, real life friends, job, and updating my own family-centric blog. I am very tired already. And don’t want to deal with anyone from high school ever again.

  23. Oh that Facebook. I was four-square against it…even with my sister telling me that it should be high on my to-do list. Then she said: “What if I set it up for you?” and that is how lazy Facebook gets started.

    Also, I love your knitting adventures because, well, I can barely knit a scarf. I live vicariously through you. It all comes down to that.

  24. Oh Facebook, my sweet Facebook. How I love to see the little red square light up with notifications! It is sweeter than roses!

    I still have only added one person from the “internet” and then she cussed on my status message. I think she is pretty cool :) LOL

  25. I tweeted and then sort of abandoned that for FB. I felt like no one was listening on Twitter (as compared to how attentive readers are elsewhere…?). Most of my FB are current, local friends. No one has been hunting me down. Hey……

    But I do loves me the Scrabble!

  26. I downloaded Twitterfox for Firefox and linked my Twitter feed to my Facebook feed. So during the week I update through Twitter.

    But Facebook is also a new addiction for me. I think half my graduating class (go South class of ’90!) is on-line, and I’m suddenly virtual friends with a couple dozen people I haven’t seen in 2 decades. I try to limit myself to one log-in a day… you know, so I have time to work. And see the kids. And stuff.

    You know what I blame? The weather. There isn’t enough energy for anything when there’s a bajillion inches of snow on the ground and it’s 20 below. I’m going to wait until April and then reevaluate.

  27. FB has cannibalized my blog, or is at least in the process of doing it. It’s my fault, though, because I’ve been writing “notes” instead of blog entries. And the blog feeds into FB three different ways, so whenever I blog, I annoy myself with how many times it shows up on my wall.

    Cheese: Muenster.

  28. facebook, myspace, twitter, and reading your blog are all I can keep up with and I’m a week or so behind in all!! I’m knitting myself a scrap scarf. Scraps, that obviously don’t match in color or testure are getting knitted together for an obnoxious creation for ME. I’m currently eating Gouda cheese with apples. YUM!

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