What time is it? It’s cat adding time!

Yesterday afternoon you probably felt a slight shift in the universal barometric pressure. I apologize for that. It’s just that I finally came to grips with the idea that we’re going to adopt another cat soon, and the cat I’m feeling some sisterhood with is Scruffy.

Sadly, I have to work today, and I doubt Scruffy will still be available tomorrow. Nevertheless, it’s kitten time.

On a surprisingly related note, I recently received a Swiffer in the mail. And if you follow this link, you’ll see one of my closet skeletons. (Not really a closet skeleton. More like a dusty nightmare. Tomato, tomahto.) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

10 thoughts on “What time is it? It’s cat adding time!”

  1. Was Scruffy still there? Did you get her? When we move into a bigger house (hope, hope) I want the sweeper/ vacuumer. Is that swiffer? I don’t know but I want it.

  2. Loving me some Scruffy!

    Is she home? Can we have the shower now?

    Clowder House is also a very good place to find new friends of the feline purr-suasion (I just made myself gag) But seriously, good people doing good things there for animals.

  3. I am up for a retreat.

    I don’t knit.

    I’ll cook.

    We need fireplace and woods and lake or ocean? No?

    Just woods? No?

    Large field with lots of horses?

    Whatever, not picky … I just don’t want to look at my reproducing my the gazillions dust-bunnies any longer.

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