‘Cause I’ve Got a Hand for You, Darius.

This morning I took a break from the freelance madness and ran to Sephora to stock up on the stuff that has run out. I had about fifteen minutes to spare, so I decided to go to the book store. However, I never made it there, because I tripped and nearly fell down, and then I started feeling sorry for myself for being all awkward and unable to carry a Sephora bag and walk in regular shoes at the same time. (By the way, I was wearing these shoes, and I’m still in love with the fact that Heather B. shot a photo of my shoes, so now I’m shouting “La la laaah! Heather B. shot a photo of my shoes! Look at it!” And I should probably start another parenthetical aside for this thought, but since we’re already here: I’m most likely going to be name dropping a lot in the coming months. I’m once again doing that all-too-predictable “I’m Not Going” salty-teared dance, so my mind has been spending quite a bit of time hopping back to July 2008. Close parens here? Yes. Here.)

Anyway. I almost fell. And it suddenly occurred to me that I’m in a really awkward phase of life right now. (Bear with me. I sometimes get a little drippy. Do you have a napkin?) I’m not quite to the age where I really need to consider covering my knees, but I’m beyond the age of arm warmers with short-sleeved shirts. (At least I think I am. Am I? I think I am.) I’m no longer comfortable in social situations that involve hoards of teenagers standing in line to see their favorite band, yet I’m willing to bite the bullet (and look like everyone’s mother) if Ben Folds comes to town. I still sing really loudly when I’m in the car alone, but do you know that I’m singing along to the soundtrack from Chess?! (Okay. I’m stretching the truth a bit. But still. That stretchy bit is barely stretched.)

The other day I was indulging in a bit of self-pity browsing when I saw these. I often say, “You really have to know yourself before choosing a ring tone or committing to a favorite flavor of ice cream or espousing a spouse etc.” I’ve once again reached a point where I’m not sure I know myself enough to say, “I can definitely carry off the big shiny earring thing.”

I need your help. When I wear these earrings, am I pulling it off? OR, am I everyone’s Aunt Marie who wears globby lipstick and big silver balls of yarn on her ears because she works part-time at a yarn store?! (And I already know that at least one person will say, “No. Do Not Wear Those.” And immediately, I’ll doubt the people who say, “Yes! Wear those!” (I’m nothing if not a bungling blend of Fragile + Impressionable.)

I tried for nearly twenty minutes to get a photo of myself wearing the earrings. When I pulled out my camera, I kept coming up with photos of my shoulder or the top of my head with no earrings in sight. When I pulled up Photo Booth, the earrings became lost against my (very cluttered) refrigerator. Solution? Put my hands behind my ears in the style of a really awkward blowfish. (I refuse to make a Hootie joke, although this would be the perfect spot for one.)

Photo 229

Blackbird, I’m counting on you to talk some sense into me.

And I’m also counting on you.

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42 thoughts on “‘Cause I’ve Got a Hand for You, Darius.”

  1. The blowfish display has swayed me. Yes to the earrings. Those are totally NOT huge and gigantic shiny earrings! They aren’t tiny and dainty either, but they ARE quite lovely. Yes. YES.

  2. Clarity and Somer–I tried to send my Thanks through e-mail, but was rejected. (Stinkin’ e-mail.) Anyway, thanks for your words! AND, no more blowfish. I promise.

  3. Finally delurking to say those earrings are marvelous.

    And I have those shoes, except mine are black. I wear them all the time.

    Also, Ben Folds is older than you (and me), so there.

  4. A friend of mine in her early 40s was wearing the identical earrings that she purchased from Etsy. I love them and think I’ll order them too now that I have the link. So much for being originial, but we probably won’t run into each other since I’m in So. Cal.

  5. My initial reaction is “OMG WANT!!!,” so in other words, yes to the earrings. I stress over earring choices too so I understand how you might gravitate toward the dainty, but these are truly awesome. And hello—yarnballs??? Done.

  6. I think the earrings are beautiful and aren’t obviously balls of yarn – just quality-hand-crafted-silver-wire-looking, which is really nice. I vote yes.

    p.s. My new nickname for you is now “fugu”

  7. I do enjoy those earings. They look lovely on you. And I promise I’m not just saying that because I owe your Bread Pudding pictures. (I really am working on that, by the way.)

    Seriously, the earings are delightful.

  8. Do the earrings, arm warmers, glitter stick , etc. make you happy? Then do it. Life is short- have fun. And most people are way more concerned about what they are doing to pay any attention to anything else.

  9. I like ’em.

    (Although, really. I shouldn’t be giving out fashion tips. I rarely wear anything fancier than a sweatshirt and jeans.)

  10. If those earrings weren’t designed with you specifically in mind, lie and say they were because you can absolutely get away with that story.

    They’re sassy. You’re sassy. Nothing more needs to be said.

  11. Honestly, if it weren’t for that adorable haircut, I wouldn’t even notice them. It’s the perfect backdrop (or tophat) for the baubles. Nice choice!

  12. I love the earrings…and to be honest, I don’t know that I would KNOW they were yarn balls if I didn’t know you had a passion for knitting and worked at a yarn store.

    In summary, yarn ball earrings are not only for the elderly with globby lipstick! Work ’em girl!

  13. I’m down with Monkey. Do what makes you happy FP. Tell everyone else to go to hell.

    p.s. I think they look nice. (Man-code for: “I cant figure out what looks good and what doesn’t but I want to make you happy either way.”)

  14. I like them! I think the fact that they’re small and silver counteracts the cutsy-ness of the fact that they’re yarn balls. If they were ACTUAL balls of brightly colored yarn, I’d be a little less sure, but as it is, I think they’re lovely.

    On a (vaguely) related note, I posted on my blog today about a crochet project I’m working on, and for some reason I feel compelled to notify you since it’s your blog that got me back into the world of fiber artistry in the first place. (Although in my case, I use the word ‘artistry’ loosely.)

  15. If they were fist sized orange peace symbols, like the ones my co-worker wore to work the other day, I would say, um no. But holy crap! With your hair and those eyebrows and eyes? Seriously fabulous. So not yarn balls. Elegant and hip in a timeless sort of way. You could even have a small diamond stud in your nose and it would look divine.

  16. As a fellow short-haired yarn enthusiast, I am torn. I never wear anything danglier than very small hoops, but you have a beautiful jawline. I think you can work it – confidence, Pudding! Confidence!

  17. 1. Those are not “big shiny earrings,” those are cute, hip, arty earrings, and I will be sending the link to my husband because our six year anniversary is Sunday and he is thoughtful in that way. That is how cute I think they are.

    2. Provide link to location where pink shoes may be purchased, please.

    3. My refrigerator looks almost exactly like that, and I love it that way. My mother would never put my projects up on the refrigerator, although she once framed something my sister did at school and I think I spent six or more years of my life trying to create something she felt like displaying somewhere other than in my bedroom. It never happened.

    P.S. I always love your hair!

  18. I LOVE the earrings and I totally think you can pull them off. Have No Fear! Wear what makes YOU happy and what makes YOU feel good, screw what everyone else thinks!

  19. Trust me, those earrings are not big. You should see some of what I see around my work place – you could serve pizzas on the things people are hanging from their ears these days. I think the yarn allusion is subtle enough to be a nod but not a shout.
    Be careful with those shoes – someone might knock you down and take them – they are that covet-able.

  20. I love the earrings!

    Also- my husband and I saw Ben Folds this past Monday in our town. (GREAT show.) A guy in the men’s room said to him, “It’s nice to see someone else with gray hair here.” (to be fair- my hubby is only a little salt and pepper!)

  21. DEAR GOD!
    You’ve been waiting on me and it took two days! Well, you know what’s it’s like, working and all, don’t you?
    Anyway- I’ve got good news and bad news.
    1. I quite like the earrings. I’m a lot closer to that Aunt Marie phase, though, so I’m not sure you should trust me. (Well, maybe Aunt Marie with a long black Japanese skirt, with an odd cut but a decent design sense.)
    2. Your eyebrows are awfully thin. Can you let them fill in a little? (And I ask this in a total “glass house” kind of way as MY eyebrows are terribly over-waxed/plucked/Naired. But there you are.)

  22. They are great FP. Why all the big doubts? They are obviously, clearly, no questions great on you. And, ::AHEM::, your eyebrows are good too.

  23. I was singing loudly along to the soundtrack from Chess when I was twelve, does that mean that I was old already? Then again, I live in Norway. Sweden is practically our next door neighbour.

  24. Gorgeous earrings and they look fabulous on you.

    They would also look classically elegant with a dark shirt and something silver round your neck.

    Blowfish Pudding – not really your best look.

    My hubby and I sing out loud in the car to Abba. The children aren’t embarrassed – they actually join in – even when friends are present!

  25. I do enjoy those earings. They look lovely on you. And I promise I’m not just saying that because I owe your Bread Pudding pictures. (I really am working on that, by the way.) Anything about this giving you the deja vu feeling? I freely admit I stole it!!!! Yeah, plagiarism, I love it… PS they do look great!

  26. I’m sure it’s probably firmly established that the rings rock (definatly dainty and not old-ladyish)
    But I also wanted to say Thanks for the awsome music! :) Great tastes for sure.
    And don’t stress not being able to pull off the arm warmer, short sleeve deal- some of us never were able to do that anyhow!

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