You inspired me, Internet!

I just returned home from the fabric store, where I purchased the following items:


I’m setting the goal of having one dress completed before Mother’s Day. Apparently, the really good scissors go on sale for Mother’s Day, and if the sewing is going really well, I can almost justify purchasing really good scissors!

And then I’ll set the goal of cutting the girls’ hair. Because when you have really good scissors, you can cut hair, right? And then I’ll start giving perms to the ladies on my street. And then I’ll start making my own ketchup, because it seems like the next logical step after permanently waving the street lady heads. (My grandmother made her own ketchup (and root beer) and she died four years ago today. I think she would be happy to know that this evening I purchased fabric, thereby getting a semi-early start on the long road to Ketchupville.)

Edited to Add: The cutting of the hair with the good scissors thing? I’m just kidding, Internet. I would NEVER. (I learned that lesson years ago when my mom was the owner of good scissors. Incidentally, my mom’s good scissors are sitting in my kitchen drawer right now, and they sometimes cut through flower stems! Sorry, Mom.) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

24 thoughts on “You inspired me, Internet!”

  1. And jam-making after that FP. And then pickling.
    You definitely need the good scissors. And then you need to hide them very, very well because otherwise they will be press-ganged by small people into cut and paste duty for school projects and the like, and then you will cry. Because you will have just bought the most expensive craft scissors of all time.

  2. I was all set to make a snarky comment about the ketchup and then you had to go and invoke the dead grandmother. So now I have to keep my snark to myself.

    Well played, Pudding. WELL. PLAYED.

  3. Love the fabric!

    And I can cheer you on for jam making, too, as my neighbor helped me master that last year. Ketchup? You’re on your own.

  4. My mother used her FABRIC ONLY sewing scissors to cut my hair until the great rebellion of ’83. Be ye forewarned.

  5. My grandma cut my hair with her fabric scissors after I managed to trap a round brush in my hair blow drying it. Not cute.

  6. Please, please use good fabric scissors on good fabric and get scissors from a beauty supply store for hair. Even cutting thread with good fabric shears can damage the blades!

  7. My hisband uses my good thread scissors (something like this) to cut my hair. They are the sharpest I own.

    For fabric cutting, I highly recommend a rotary cutter and mat. A huge improvement over scissors because you don’t have to pick up the paper-pinned-fabric to cut, so there’s no shifting to worry about. Also: I’m impatient.

    This week Joann’s has 40% off any one item that’s not on sale. Runs through Saturday.

  8. I LOVE the pattern on the material. LOVE it. Makes me almost think of sewing, but I am not sure that dress goes on a 39 year old plumpster. Well, it doesn’t go well.

    Oh, and I decided I am making muscadine jam as gifts for Christmas this year because my sister’s new house has muscadine vines. We will see.

  9. If I didn’t have naturally curly hair already, I’d sooo let you give me a perm! Could you imagine?! I’d look like Buckwheat for sure!

    I won’t be making ketchup this year, but will be making my own salsa and spaghetti sauce! :)… And I’m not ashamed to say so.

    I wonder if you will get one of those beauty shop chairs for the ladies to sit in while getting their hairs permed?

    The pattern and material are super cute! I can’t wait to see how they turn out.

  10. As usual, you crack me up! Did you get those Philly pics – I was not the proud owner of my awesome hat at the time or else I would have been donning it.

  11. I can’t sew worth a dime but your knitty creations have inspired me…knitting class starts tomorrow.


  12. Making your own ketchup seems pretty cool. Giving a shit what you use your scissors for doesn’t.

  13. OMWORD! I have SO had the urge to sew a dress lately that I can’t stand. If you’re in, I’m in. I’m going to pull out the good scissors now.

  14. Because cutting hair dulls scissors? Is that why? I know cutting through the hair/ hide of a deer will dull your knife, but is it also true of human hair?

    Could this comment sound any more psychotic? SORRY.

    Adorable dresses!

  15. I’m a little scared of your friend Erin. Also, I’m jealous of your crafting. I’m currently mid-move, so maybe when the move is complete, my sewing machine and I can make nice :)

  16. Hey, Pudding, did you guest star on Medium this week and not blog about it? Were you waiting for us to discover it ourselves? Seriously, the Brooke character bore a striking resemblance to a certain Pudding blogger. . . It’s the All in the Family episode with Dawson.

  17. ap, I thought the same thing. And then again the next night guest starring on The Mentalist. It was Morena Baccarin ( ) one of the stars of Firefly/Serenity by Joss Whedon. The pic of her with the short-short hair immediately made me think of you, Angela!

    Lovely choice with the fabric (with thread that blends right in) and pattern. Good idea not to tackle stripes or plaids right off. Can’t wait to see finished pix. Or even WIP pix!

  18. I have five pairs of scissors. The really good seri sharps that stay in their box. In the broken-handled wedgwood cup on my sewing table, I have the Mundial Fabric scissors, the pinking shears, the duck-bill seam layering scissors, a pair of blue plastic-handled scissors for paper and a really old pair I acquired from somewhere I use to cut out my plastic templates, and, in the kitchen, a pair of Mundial take-apart kitchen shears, used for everything else. Is it possible to have a marie-antoinette moment about scissors? I think I just had one! More, More, I want More. And sorry, but no to the ketchup, jam, pickles and jelly. Just No.

  19. Angie:

    I did it! I can knit and purl and rib stitch and seed stitch. Except I seem to have had to stop before she showed me how to bind the end so it doesn’t unravel…

    That must be lesson #2 (I hope!)

  20. My husband got me Mundial shears for my birthday a few years ago. Apparently, my sewing scissors were absolute crap, but I never knew it until I got the Mundials – the difference was astonishing. Get really good scissors, or even pretty good ones. It makes sewing even MORE fun.

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