21 thoughts on “Ramona Quimby Pudding”

  1. Is Meredith wearing a Hello Kitty t-shirt? How um…purrrfect?

    (Sorry, my pun filter is malfunctioning. I’m getting quotes for having it fixed.)

    Congrats on the newest family member!

  2. she looks like a ramona. you can always use her full name for emphasis. “ramona quimby pudding! stop scratching the sofa!”

  3. I’m so jealous of your gorgeous new kitty! Hubby’s allergies keep our house kitteh-free. Otherwise, I’d be all over that whiskered goodness.

  4. WooHoo for adopting kitties! Our newest family member is Petey (female), a gray tabby SH. She’s about 10 months old, already spayed and going wild in the spring air.

  5. She’s cute! Just don’t leave your jack o lantern on the table overnight if you want to make a pie…

  6. She has a very clever glint in her eye…I don’t think she’ll have any trouble at all training you humans to worship her!

    Congrats on your cute new addition. But I think maybe she needs you to adopt her a best friend named Daisy Kidd Pudding.

  7. Delurking to say hoorraayy for rescues! Always the best buddies. I named our dog Ramona when I was little – she was a dollbaby and I am sure your Ramona will be a wonderful addition. Congrats, and thanks for your wonderful blog.

  8. Welcome to the Black Kitty Club!
    She’s a beauty – give her a skritch from me.

  9. Hello Kitty-Pants! :)

    Congrats on the new addition. Monday my cat moves in with Adam, the boys and I (she’s been staying with my mom since I moved up from MD) and I expect all hell to break loose!

  10. Kitty schmitty! Yes, she’s nice, but why isn’t anyone commenting on that awesome Minnie Mouse t-shirt? I mean, come on, people! That’s style!

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