Who says?!

It’s no secret that I went to the gynecologist a few weeks ago. It’s also no secret that I’ve been taking estrogen-free birth control pills for the past four years. (Seriously. Anyone who has spent five minutes with me knows that I’m on estrogen-free birth control. It’s my “How’s the weather?” ice breaker!) Wait. You know what else isn’t a secret? My gynecologist believes that I’m ready for some estrogen! (Did you know that estrogen promotes wound healing in both humans and mice? This comes as good news, for I am Wounded.) ((I’m not really Wounded.))

I come to you today as a sassy snarling woman who wads up imaginary paper and yells, “Who says all birth control pills have to be the same?!” I am repunctuating my life! My carefree curly-haired Logical is having talks with my straight-haired (and argyled) Emotional! (They even play Toss the Pills together at 0:11! How cute is that?! Also, did you know that fewer periods equals cuter clothes? Everything I know comes straight out of the Seasonique ad!)

(WARNING: All hell is going to break loose around here during the week of September 6th. Just in time for Labor Day, Jerry Lewis!)

(If you’re interested, I’m shrinking a bit. Scroll down to the photo. Right above it is the Week 3 link.) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

13 thoughts on “Who says?!”

  1. Ummm…is anyone else disturbed by the fact that the woman in the lab coat in the Seasonique ad is labeled “Doctor Dramatization”. I’m not sure I’d like my OB to be named that, and more than I’d like to see Dr All-My-Patients-Have-Babies-with-Huge-Heads.

  2. The progestin-only pills make lots and lots of women very bloated (aka me, too), so if you add in estrogen, you’ll lose about 5 lbs of water weight pretty quickly.

    Gotta love SNL. That was freaking hilarious … and only slightly off the mark ha!

  3. Be careful of that Vagifem, ladies. Long-term, (I do happen to know from recent personal experience) it can cause melasma-like blotchy skin. Not fatal, by any means, but heads-up if you see any pigmentation changes on your arms, legs, or face!

    Other than that (and that’s only an issue for some not-so-lucky few, it seems) indeed it does the trick!

  4. I am on the other end of the spectrum. I am in the menopause category. I cannot live without estrogen!!! There is not enough air conditioning and ice to keep me cool enough if I am not taking estrogen.

    Estrogen is quite a controversial subject with many people. For me, I prefer a plant based estrogen. I refuse to take the kind that have horses involved.

    Sorry if that was TMI.

    Just thought I’d share.

  5. It must be gynecologist season in the Midwest. My sisters, mother, sister-in-law, and niece all see the same two brothers (one practice), and we’ve been to them enough in the last month to set them up for the next year, finance-wise. I’m on a heaping helping of yam progesterone right now, then I get to go back on the pill. This next week promises to be miserable and insane, but then – the pill! I’m so excited!

  6. Ha, I love that SNL skit! As I get older, I have become the axe-wielding pre-period monster.

    The Seasonique ads scare me. Using the sultry, seductive voice to tell me my pills may cause heart attack and death…I like my small print to sound a wee bit dire.

  7. I’ve had a Mirena for the last 5 years (no periods, yay!) & it’s due for replacement soon. I’m definitely having another one, but now I have to have estrogen patches – and after suffering through six months of hot flushes, mood swings & a mushy brain, I’m happy to be sticking those babies on me, wherever they come from!

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