Despite rumors to the contrary, I am not an attack site.

Oh, Internet.

Do you remember last week when I updated my software and I was So Proud and maybe a bit cocky about the whole thing?

Yesterday, as I was writing a review for BlogHer, my screen went squirrely, and I received a message accusing me of being an attack site. The message came from Google, but when I log into Google, my dashboard is all, “Hey, Fluid Pudding! Everything’s gravy! Wheee!”

As I type this message to you, I’m hoping that Liquid Web is looking into my issue. The last I heard was “I’m putting this over to our Security team. You should be hearing from them shortly.” That was about sixteen hours ago. I’m perplexed, Internet.

BUT, my house smells good. And if you want to read about it, you can follow me over here, once again, I doubt you’re attacked. Trust me. Argh! (Updated to add: One person was apparently sent to a site filled with pop-ups. No one else has mentioned any problems.) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

7 thoughts on “Despite rumors to the contrary, I am not an attack site.”

  1. I had two strange posts from your site on my RSS feed yesterday. Might be what had you “marked” as an attack site.
    My computer just blocked me from coming here(i had to click ignore)

  2. This happened to me last year on WP. Someone tried a few times to “Register” to my site, I ignored the request one, even sent a no need to register email the second time. SO, anyway this guy was just working around my installation. He put erroneous code into a few of my old post and one in comments. I had to search each post to find the code he injected. I wrote an article about it, but sadly I do not post anymore. If you need, I can dig it up.

  3. Same thing here. I got a pop-up that looked like antivirus software saying that I’d been infected and needed to scan immediately. I shut down everything and looked at my real anti-virus software that said nothing had happened.

  4. Looking good this morning, FP — I did click through once yesterday but was warned to go no further and I heeded that.

    Glad you survived the hassle!

    Say, isn’t that Whoorl showing up as a model in the Save the Children ad on your right sidebar??


  5. On my bloglines this morning there were three posts from you which were all kind of ‘AGDAGdoazoeiat!” etc.

    I assumed a small child had been on your laptop. My kids have sent Mr Coffee texts like that before.

  6. The attacks have stopped–yesterday, however, I was quite surprised by the info that “popped up” when I tried….

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