I’ve got a sweet potato in my oven, and nothing much to say.

Every morning for the past week I have found myself dropping Meredith off at school at 8:30, returning home with Harper, cleaning up the kitchen a bit, putting a sweet potato in the oven at 9:30, figuring out laundry, etc., and then eating the sweet potato at 11:00 (with one tablespoon of butter and light on the salt, if you’re wondering). And, yes. My mornings are bland at best. Aren’t you excited about NaBloPoMo? I need to come up with thirty new and exciting ways to report that I have a sweet potato in my oven!

What else is happening, you ask? Harper and I just assembled twelve bags of potato chips and bubbles for her pre-K’s fall party. Meredith’s class has won a pajama/stuffed animal/cupcake party for this afternoon, and her fall party is tomorrow. (It is NOT a Halloween party, people. It is a celebration of the harvest tide! Nothing spooky about that!)

Harper turned 4.5 yesterday, and Meredith turned 6.5 today. I will be 39.5 in a few weeks.

Meredith has a computer class at school, and yesterday she created this:

I love it for so many reasons, but I especially love that she put an owl in the tree and it’s saying “hoo hoo”.

This is completely unrelated to anything that has to do with Hoo Hoo: Tonight I am going all by myself to see the Michael Jackson movie. I never really considered myself to be a huge Michael Jackson fan, but for some reason I’m drawn to the idea of this film. And it better be good, Michael Jackson, because I don’t get out much.

Oh! One more thing! Yesterday afternoon Meredith told me that she had lunch with a new friend at school. When I asked what the new friend had brought in her lunch, Meredith answered, “She eats The Lonely Sandwiches.”

Me: What is a lonely sandwich?

Meredith: The Lonely Sandwiches! You know, with the round pink stuff inside. And cheese and mustard.

Me: Baloney sandwiches?

Meredith: No. The Lonely Sandwiches.

I kind of like the idea of sharing lunch with the lonely sandwiches. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

18 thoughts on “I’ve got a sweet potato in my oven, and nothing much to say.”

  1. You know how when you leave your mouse over an image, a little window will tell you the source info? So that awesome creation by Meredith said “mchalloween…” … which I read as McHalloween.

    And I couldn’t figure out how in the Hoo Hoo it was related to McDonald’s.

  2. Every time my fiance comes home from work, having gone out for lunch with all of his co-workers while I scrounged up some leftovers or ate yet another popcorn ball, I’m going to tell him I had a Lonely Sandwich for lunch.

    I will credit your daughter under my breath.

  3. Hey, I recognize that dress from a couple of posts ago! What a great job. (Do you have it on disk? I’d be tempted to put it on a t-shirt or something for next year.)

  4. as i was scrolling through my bloglist and saw the title, i was thinking this post was your clever way of announcing an impending bundle of joy!

    sweet potato in the oven!!!

    hoo hoo :)

  5. mmmh… am on a cleansing fast and the mention of sweet potatoes and lonely sandwiches is almost unbearable.
    i like the computer halloween art.

  6. This is a true story: last night I dreamed that Jeff was one of my DH’s work colleagues and had to fly to Austin so they could collaborate on some project. Instead of putting him up at a nice hotel, he was staying in our guest room. The girl child was being really mean to him and I told her that if she didn’t shape up, Meredith and Harper would kick her ass.

    God only knows what will happen TONIGHT, now that the idea of sweet potatoes has been introduced into the Fluid Pudding narrative of my subconscious.

    In other news, I may have put just a WEE bit too much wine in the beef stew last night.

  7. Seriously, I love The Lonely Sandwich idea (not the practice, I am a vegetarian AND a celiac – hoo hoo?).

    How was the MJ movie?

  8. Like you, I’m oddly drawn to that movie. Not a fan at all but when I saw the trailer I thought wow that seems to be showing a side of him I never imagined. He was actually a real person and not the odd puppet that I always kind of assumed he was. Will be interested to hear how you liked it.

  9. Tis the season for sweet potatoes, I guess. I didn’t feel like waiting for a huge one to bake, so I peeled, cut into 1/2″ cubes, tossed with olive oil, kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper. Baked at 400 for 20 minutes, then devoured. Some I ate plain and whole, some I smooshed up, and a little corner I saved until last had a teensy drizzle of real maple syrup. Very, very yum!

  10. That was nice of Meredith to sit with that girl so she wouldn’t have to eat a Lonely Sandwich.

  11. Love the lonely sandwich girl and your lovely daughter to keep her company. Meradith is really rockin in that pink criss cross lace bodice

  12. love the lonely sandwich. I recently bought a thing of Lonely. Then I saw it had 1oo calories per slice. So it’s gone unopened. Lonely Lonely.

    Oh, and when I read the header for baked potato in the oven, I thought you were being euphemistic about being pregnant. I suspect such things from That Lady from V.

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