I envied him.

Beth asked for it, and I totally love her.

Sir did it, and he is one of my absolute favorites.

And because I spent many lonely teenage hours working on my handwriting (I *really* wanted my signature to look more like a logo than a signature), I’m sharing it with you. Please enjoy my very favorite piece by Mark Strand. It was written about you, you know.

gstrand ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

7 thoughts on “I envied him.”

  1. Not human. No way. Learning pretty (or at least consistent, legible, adult) handwriting is way up on my life list, but this, this is quite too pretty, thank you. I envied you.

  2. Awesome! The post, the concept, your script, and Beth’s now-bookmarked blog.

    And why have I only just now realized that it’s BlahBlahPoMo month around here. You’re doing great, FP!!

  3. Wow, your practice paid off! This is such a cool project. Next thing we’ll all start sending each other letters instead of this fool eeelectronic nonsense.

  4. Beautiful handwriting! I am officially jealous. Now, wouldn’t it be cool if we could leave our comments in handwriting too….

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