15 thoughts on “45 Years Ago Today…”

  1. Yea, happy anniversary to your parents from a stranger blogger!

    Lovely shawl there, btw. Did you make that? Your mom makes a beautiful shawl model.

  2. Your mom is hot stuff. Can I say that? I seem to have done so already. And your dad has a total baby face. I do not believe either of them are as old as they’d have to be to get married so very long ago. They are lying to you. RUN!

  3. Aw! How cute are they (still!)? Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad!

    My folks had their 45th anniversary in September of this year and I swear my mom wore that same headpiece/veil in her wedding, too! I chose to believe this means our moms were cutting-age fashionistas back in ’64. (And now too, obviously.)

  4. Happy Anniversary (a day late) to the pre-Puddings!

    Now, what are the people in church looking at that is more interesting than a beautiful newly married couple making their way down the aisle for the first time as husband and wife? There must be some wacky stuff going on at the alter!

  5. You totally look like your mom. And the visiting nurse that came to my grandpa’s house yesterday could have been your young aunt or older cousin or something. Very odd.

  6. Aww, so cute! I saw the shawl and would’ve bet money that you had made it. Now we know where you get her mad skills from!

  7. Happy Anniversary, Pudding Parents!!!

    Man, 45 years. That’s such an amazing accomplishment! As a girl about to probably throw her dice into the marriage ring, I look around and see mostly divorce or unhappiness and worry that maybe it’s not possible to live happily ever after (Read as: Survive the ups and downs and still be in love and glad you did it).

    I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I was thinking about these things …maybe it was because I was listening to your David Mead song at the time… Maybe it’s because as much as your parents look different than they did 45 years ago, they still look the same or maybe it’s because my own dad passed away 20 years ago yesterday, but your post made me cry, lady!

    Congratulations again to your parents. I wish them many more years of faith and love and patience together.

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