The Pudding House has fun house flooring.

This is an actual photograph taken a few moments ago.

As you can see, Sidney is fine—despite the half moon hole in her left ear.

(What you can’t see is the pleading look in her eye as she begs for more turkey. I’ll spare you that wrench of the heart.)

((Another thing you can’t see is Harper. She’s back in her room thanking God for making us a No Spank family.))

All is well, although I’m currently fighting the urge to write a short story about Siddeartha—the half-moon-in-her-ear Brahmin cat who sets out on an ascetic journey to seek enlightenment. The only thing preventing this event is the tiny wise voice in my head that’s saying, “Dude. Really?!” ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

7 thoughts on “The Pudding House has fun house flooring.”

  1. POOR SIDNEY!!!! I nommed my bad cats’ ears in sympathy when I first heard. I think she needs more turkey.

    And that Harper better be composing an ODE to her fantastic no-spank parents, boy howdy.

  2. I remember “lassooing” a kitty when I was little (twine around the chest and giving her a little swing). I bet Harper is feeling pretty sad about it. I sure felt like heck and am very grateful that the only thing hurt in my case was me when I tried to get the twine string off the very mad kitty.

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