I’ve been poking pretzel sticks through bunny-shaped marshmallows.


Yesterday afternoon, Harper went to school and wrote a note to me on funeral home letterhead.

Obviously, I love this note for many reasons.

I plan to stash it away in a light-fast, non-bleeding, and acid- and lignin-free box to heighten the chance that my great great great great granddaughter will discover it while constructing some sort of branchy Pudding family tree. I picture her asking my great great granddaughter how old Great Great Great Grandma Harper was when Great Great Great Great Grandma Angela passed on, and what are the chances that this note was actually written at the funeral?!

Ahhhh. It’s been a long day.

Time is running out!
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6 thoughts on “I’ve been poking pretzel sticks through bunny-shaped marshmallows.”

  1. You just gave me a flashback to elementary school. Somehow we got boxes and boxes of recycled, shiny-coated paper from some company advertising their new product, “electronic mail.” I guess they decided it would never take off. That paper was coveted because it was perfect for Mr. Sketch markers.

  2. OH MAN, the biggest thing I got out of this post (sorry, because the funeral note is great) is the bunny marshmallows…I have been looking EVERYwhere for those this year. Where did you find them???

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