It happens every year! Like a national holiday!

So, I’m making a shrimp thing this evening. (I purchased the Hungry Girl 1-2-3 cookbook a few weeks back, and I love it.) Anyway, this particular recipe calls for one pound of raw deveined tailless shrimp. I went to the grocery store and studied the fresh seafood, and there was no uncooked deveined shrimp to be found. Because I cannot stand the thought of touching raw fish, much less ripping out veins (and poop!), I knew I needed some serious help.

Fish Lady: Do you need some help?

Me: Well, I need one pound of raw deveined tailless shrimp.

Fish Lady: You’ll have to get that in the frozen food. Aisle 15. And, let me warn you: It’s really expensive. If that bag has more in it than you need bring it back to me, and we’ll talk.

Me (really confused at this point about what we need to talk about): Aisle 15.

Harper and I carted on over to Aisle 15 where we found a two-pound bag of raw deveined tailless shrimp, and it was selling for $19.99. I took the bag back to the fish lady and said, “It has one pound more than what we need.”

Fish Lady: Go ahead and give me that bag and I’ll open it up and split it for you so you don’t have to pay twenty dollars. AND, if you want, I’ll flash it really quickly so it’s thawed out for you.

Me: You would do that for me?

Fish Lady: Yes, Ma’am, I would.

She took the bag, divided up the shrimp, flashed it (I have no idea what that means, but her shirt remained tucked), and repackaged it. $9.99. I then did that thing that I do where I started thanking her over and over again and had you passed us, you would have thought that she had just saved my kid’s life—not simply repackaged some shrimp.

As I walked away from her, I was actually fighting back tears. (Seriously! I know!) Human kindness, People! Sometimes all it takes is a kindhearted fish lady!

And because I do this every year, let me just puke it out right now: I haven’t yet been able to put together a workable New York BlogHer plan, and I’m feeling sorry for myself because the party invites are starting to arrive. Waaaaaaahhhhhhhh! I know. I went in 2006 and 2008. I was going to drive to Chicago last year, but my innards were all messed up. Anyway. That’s all I’m going to say, because if I allowed myself to continue, I’m afraid your eyes would get stuck in the back of  your head, and that’s not a smart look for spring. (With that said, I’m hearing that yellow shoes are still a good thing.)

(I learned something last week: I was always under the impression that season names required capitalization. They don’t, unless the season name is the first word of the sentence! Also, I’ve been making chocolate cherry smoothies, and they’re delicious! Once again, it’s Hungry Girl!)

Today for lunch I had a veggie burger cheese scramble thing. I cooked it in a coffee cup in the microwave, and then dropped ketchup onto the top. Hungry Girl!


(That’s my LeahPeah cup, by the way. She gave it to me at BlogHer 2006. That was the year I had to make a $3,492 cab run to Walgreens to buy a breast pump and Swedish Fish. Argh! Titanic! Here I go again! You should be SO happy that you’re not in my house right now. With Ellen on the television, it’s only a matter of minutes before I’m crying. Here’s hoping Eva Longoria doesn’t mention the word Shrimp.)
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14 thoughts on “It happens every year! Like a national holiday!”

  1. I totally forgot that BlogHer 2010 was in NYC. It’s going to be awfully hard to refrain from taking a train into the city and creepily stalking my favorite famous and semifamous shebloggers.

  2. I got a really helpful customer service rep and I almost cried as well. I totally can relate. What was that shrimp recipe by the way?

  3. That’s so funny because I’m on a never ending quest for fresh shrimp (tails and all) that haven’t been frozen. It’s actually neverending because the guy at the fish market told me there isn’t such a thing in the midwest. I probably looked like someone had just told me my dog had a week to live. :( I miss the coast….

  4. If you go to BlogHer in NY I may just stalk you there! I always cry at ridiculous things when I have PMS. Do you have PMS? I think I may be developing PMDD in my old age – sometimes I feel almost homocidal (mostly toward the hubby). I won’t go to NY if I have PMS, I promise!

  5. there’s only 2 words for seafood in STL: Bob’s Seafood. On Olive, just east of 170 on the right.

    Not to put down the lady at the grocery store, I’m jus sayin… seafood tip and all.

  6. I always get my uncooked, deveined shrimp at Trader Joe’s. They sell it in a pound bag for about $9. You have to take the tails off yourself after you thaw the shrimp, but it only takes a minute.

    Yeah, the nice shrimp lady. It’s awful that we’re so stunned by this kind of service and kindness. I wish that wasn’t so, but I’m glad you shared the story. There’s hope for us all.

  7. What! You don’t have to capitalize seasons? I am sure that is NOT what we learned in third grade. Anyway, I always to defer (refer?) to the New Yorker. They refuse to compromise on any of these new-fangled punctuation/spellings. Like my beloved NY, I will forever spell travelling with TWO “l”s and totally ignore my computer underlining it in red as it is doing even as I speak (write).

    And yes, yes, you are right …. shrimp poop is not for the faint of heart!

  8. I can’t really read what’s written on the cup, but I imagine it says something like ‘Smart Women Thirst for Meat-like Products Served in Cups’. Am I wrong? If so, I may try to market that.

  9. Dude. I waved as you were getting in a crowded elevator in SF in ’08.

    And that?


    I hope you get to NYC, dammit. :)

    #momspotting #ha #justforfunbecauseIcan

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