Confession: I got a lump when reading it out loud. A good lump.

The Sun Shines for Me

When I see a flock of birds in the sky
When I hear my cat meow when she’s happy
When I taste cinnamon buns with lots of icing on top
When I am able to make my mom smile
When I am with my stuffed dog Madison
When I go to the doughnut shop and eat doughnuts
Then the sun shines for me.

By Meredith

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21 thoughts on “Confession: I got a lump when reading it out loud. A good lump.”

  1. This girl knows what is important in life!!

    (proof that she has an amazing mom)

  2. I got tears in my eyes and I don’t even know her! (which is unfortunate because she sounds really great!)

  3. First time comment has to be for this – it is wonderful. I got a tear too!


  4. I agree with the ladies above – did you get the car up on 2 wheels on your way to Hobby Lobby for a frame?

    In preschool, My son wrote a statement that said “love is when you marry someone”. I had it mounted with my (at the time 12 year old) wedding picture.

    Somehow, a child can always distill it down to the essence.

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