I’m now taking a probiotic pill, so there’s that!

This morning I remembered that I’ve been meaning to check in on Fluid Pudding. So, hello there! The past week has been insanely hectic, but I can’t really name more than five things that we’ve done. (Such is the life of the sporadic freelancer/perky homemaker I suppose. Jeff returns from work in the evening, and I often cannot report on any sort of progress that I’ve made during the past nine hours. Perhaps I should start charting my input and output. I really do need to drink more. I sometimes have pillow creases that last until the evening hours!) ((Note: Jeff doesn’t really ask me to report on progress. I’m not sure how I would respond if he did.))

Speaking of Jeff, it seems that his job leads him out of town every year over the Memorial Day weekend. It all has to do with a human anatomy and physiology symposium (this particular one was in  Denver), and if I wasn’t completely secure in our relationship, I might suspect that “human anatomy and physiology symposium” is a pretty clever way of saying “out of town tail” but deep down I know better. (I’m the perfect blend of lovely and psychotic. No one in their right mind would ever stray.) Anyway, this symposium forced me to single parent once again, and that experience never fails to lift me toward a new level of appreciation for those who single parent every day. I wish I could buy each and every one of you a funnel cake.

Let’s see. Harper and Meredith had their yearly examination at the doctor’s office this afternoon, and Harper received what we like to call her kindergarten shot, which is the simpleton way of saying she is now immunized against Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, and Polio. (Oh, Pertussis. You are definitely not welcome around here.) And I know how controversial this sort of thing is, so I’ll now point my finger in the other direction and scream, “Hey! We’re leaving to go on vacation in a little over a week!” AND, someone will actually be staying at our house during that time, meaning I really should do something about the 84 baskets of laundry that have been sitting around in the front room for the past several months. (Believe me, my intentions are always good. It’s just that I’m often L to the AZY. That hairball thing has been growing in the shower for weeks.)

Anyway: Vacation. I’m very pleased to report that we’ll be heading out to Jackson Hole, Wyoming in about ten days. And wait a second. Do you remember a few paragraphs up how I sort of complained that Jeff has a job that sometimes takes him out of town? Well, because he’s sort of good at his job, he was recently given the Editor of the Year award, which included this very vacation. Seriously. L to the AZY is sort of schmooing into L to the UCKY. (Clarification: I’m the lucky one. Jeff totally earned this gig.)

What else? I’ll tell you what else! I purchased three skeins of laceweight merino a few nights back. I haven’t purchased yarn in months, but as soon as I saw the phrase “1,312 yards” coupled with “$16.00” and “Fleece Artist”, I couldn’t resist. And while we’re sort of on the topic of yarn, this morning I fell in love with a yarn store in London that isn’t yet open, but will be in a few weeks. Anyway. Are you still with me?

We’ve been doing an awful lot of this lately:


I hope you are the same.

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19 thoughts on “I’m now taking a probiotic pill, so there’s that!”

  1. I get that short-term amnesia thing, too. Darren comes home, asks what I’ve done, and I’ll say, “Aside from napping? Uhh…”

    And then the next three hours are filled with, “Hey, the dishes are done.” “Hey, you vacuumed the cat hair off the steps!” “Oh, thanks for washing my work shirts.” “Are these cookies homemade?” “The TV was in the other corner last night, right?”

    And, you know, like that.
    Except today, I’m pretty sure the nap was all I got done. That, and a box of Pop Tarts (I needed to recycle the box, you see).

  2. One of my friends is returning from Jackson Hole just as you are arriving. She will be home in time for the soiree my department is throwing for me because I am leaving them. They are celebrating.

    As for probiotics–been taking those for years and it sure helps. Especially when you teach in a school where children sneeze and cough on you on a daily basis. Then there are those computer keyboards and mice! Germ city. I am rarely sick which is nice because I have so many sick days built up it adds almost another year to my retirement pay. Not bad. So stay well.

  3. Wait. I am not comprehending this 1300 yards of FLEECE ARTIST laceweight for $16. Really? And truly? Because while I need an extra 1300 yards of lace like I need a kick in the head, that is awfully enticing. You’re on notice, Fleece Artist. (What are you going to make with three skeins? Oh, weight, you got three skeins of different colors. I thought you were going for a house cozy for a minute there.)

  4. I wish we had a froyo store around us. Wait, maybe I don’t. Yes, I do.

    We DO have a Mary’s Sweet Shoppe (yes, we are talking Blue Owl) just four blocks from my front door. I’ve not been there yet.

    Vacation in about ten days… sounds wonderful! I JUST looked up Jackson Hole and it looks like heaven! Take lots of pictures!!

  5. While all 3 skeins are pretty, I totally love the Twilight. It’s gorgeous!

    Have fun in Jackson Hole.

  6. This post makes Bossy want to leave home again and drive back to St Louis to hang out. And that’s saying something. About this great post and great you. Because Bossy may never actually leave home again.

  7. Naps and I have been having a love affair for far too many months now. Suddenly this feels eerily like confession…

  8. Do you know I have lived in England for 14 years and I’ve never been to Camden in London! I may need to make a trip especially… even though I can’t knit or sew that shop looks fab! My Mum is mortified at my lack of sewing ability as she is great at making stuff… I just don’t seem to have the knack :(

  9. “I’m the perfect blend of lovely and psychotic. No one in their right mind would ever stray”

    I loved this. Enjoy your vacation! :)

  10. Enjoy your vacation! I have been hoarding my vacation time so that I may use it as maternity leave in early August (Oh dear, sweet, little boy PLEASE make it to early August).

    I didn’t realize how much I really need those odd Wednesdays off here and there until I couldn’t take them anymore.

    Congratulations to Jeff on his accomplishment! Team work really is the only way to run a successful marriage, in my opinion.

  11. Jackson Hole is where I would like to live out my dying days. That is totally the most beautiful area on Earth. Color me jealous!

  12. How dare you poison your poor innocent daughter with that poison, you poisony poisoner, you! (Somebody had to say it, and it might as well be a woman with a head full of screw-top red wine).

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