Never forget the thumb.

A few days back, Harper decided that along with being a Doctor of Bunnies, she would also like to work in a nail salon when she grows up.

She knows how important experience is when applying for a position in a nail salon, so she asked Jeff if he would like to be her first customer.


He sat down on the (sort of filthy) kitchen floor and gathered his nerves as Harper prepared her polishes.

It isn’t often that the girls notice Jeff’s missing toe. (Long story short for those who aren’t aware: Jeff accidentally cut off his thumb while working in a blacksmith shop several years ago. A plastic surgeon decided to amputate his toe and place it where the missing thumb used to be. All is well, and Jeff still plays basketball.) Anyway, Harper felt a bit cheated when she realized that she had five polishes, and only nine toes.

Harper: Give me the thumb.

Don't Forget the Thumb

When the polish dried, Harper encouraged Jeff to show off his complete set of freshly painted toes.

Full Set

The next day, when Jeff went to work, his boss immediately noticed the sparkly toe thumb.

Later that evening, Jeff and the girls went to the pool, where I’m sure the other dads admired his rainbow toes.

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14 thoughts on “Never forget the thumb.”

  1. Mr Golightly had a similar experience some years ago when the niece of a friend decided to give him a pedicure. ..First weekend after starting a new job, Mr G runs into his new boss at the shops. Mr G is wearing shorts and thongs. (What a Weirdo!) That’s flip flops, not exotic underwear. Ah, joy.

  2. This: Jeff accidentally cut off his thumb while working in a blacksmith shop several years ago –
    is the meat of the story. Ain’t it now?
    A blacksmith shop?

  3. I agree with Kathy G.

    My 8-year-old keeps reminding my husband that Fathers’ Day is coming up by saying, “It’s almost F Day!” So, an early Happy F Day to Jeff.

  4. Gosh, that’s sweet. I never thought I would describe a story involving and amputated toe that way, but…life is strange! :)

  5. Jeff’s a good Dad! I’m always happy to hear about guys who are such good fathers to daughters.

    My brother happily endured a surprise birthday party at his office produced by his wife and daughters which included a “Happy Birthday Princess!” balloon (which sang).

  6. heh…that is GREAT.

    Fifty daddy points to Mr. Pudding for letting her paint

    250 for keeping it on.

  7. Did he forget to take it off or did he leave it on to be a good sport? That is hilarious that he went public with it on! Kudos to you, Jeff! Dads of little girls can be very amazing sometimes! They should all take a lesson…

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