A giraffe’s heart weighs 24 pounds.

Meredith came home from school on Monday and decided that she wanted to show me how to draw a giraffe. She sat on the kitchen floor with a piece of paper and a Crayola paintbrush and created Mabel.


(I love Mabel.)

Later that evening, we went to the library to see Sara Pennypacker and Marla Frazee—the author and illustrator of the Clementine series, which happens to be Meredith’s favorite set of books. After the presentation and reading, the author asked if anyone had any questions. Meredith’s hand shot into the air, and she asked how the author decided to name the main character Clementine. When it was time to have her book signed, she talked to the author for quite some time about our cat who died a few years ago, and she sang the praises of Comic Life and Yummy Pancake to the illustrator.

Sara Pennypacker, Meredith, and Marla Frazee

It isn’t often that I see Meredith completely excited and at ease.

Monday was a good day to be Meredith.
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17 thoughts on “A giraffe’s heart weighs 24 pounds.”

  1. This is the best story I’ve heard all week. Meredith, you are all lit up in the picture. What a great day!

  2. This post made me so happy. My first thought seeing the picture was “OMG, her hair has gotten so long!” and the second was “when did MC turn into a full-fledged KID?!” She looks so grown up, and her glee is infectious.

  3. Wonderful. I love Mabel, too. Mabel needs to be on a t-shirt. Sounds like Meredith has the makings of an author. Or illustrator. ;)

  4. I can’t find a way to express how I just love everything about this post. It just burbles with happiness!

  5. I went to see Madeleine L’Engle read when I was like 25 and I think I may have cried I was so excited.

    YAY for loving books!

  6. How wonderful to be Meredith! She makes me even more thrilled to welcome my daughter into the world in January.

  7. I have followed you for some time, but never commented. This just made me cry! So beautiful! And I want a t-shirt!

  8. OMG she looks like a pre-teen in that picture! Stop feeding her! Slow it down, slow it down!!!

    P.S. – I think she is turning into a strikingly beautiful little girl.

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