Weekend Updates are tricky, Tina Fey.

In about ninety minutes, I’ll be attending my new book club, which means I now belong to two book clubs. (If you’re curious about my other book club (and I know you are because you’re still reading), please know that we’re meeting on Thursday to discuss The Corrections, and no. I still haven’t finished The Corrections. But don’t give up on me just yet.) Anyway, I’m standing strong in my belief that one can never have too many book clubs.

Today’s book club will be discussing Still Alice by Lisa Genova. I didn’t read it, either, but I DID listen to the audio book (unabridged!) and it was actually read by the author, which is often such a mistake, but not in this case, because: So Many Medical Terms, and this particular author is a neuroscientist. Spoiler Alert! (Not really.) Alice (who really is Still Alice, hence the title) tries to make white chocolate bread pudding in the book, and that’s EXACTLY what I’m trying to do right now, because I’m nothing if not relevant.

In about fifteen minutes I’ll be melting a bunch of Ghirardelli white chocolate into a pot of simmering whipping cream. That’s what I call sauce. (Incidentally, that’s what Epicurious calls sauce, too. I’m using their recipe.)

Enjoy your Sunday. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

7 thoughts on “Weekend Updates are tricky, Tina Fey.”

  1. “Still Alice” = the book I have most frequently and fervently recommended to others during the past year! Please kindly report to us on that discussion — and on how your (don’t make it too fluid!) bread pudding is received.

  2. My book club read “Still Alice” last year – it’s a GREAT book (I, too, listened to the audiobook). For another good medical type book about a fascinating subject, I recommend “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks”…

  3. I’ve had Still Alice on my To Read shelf for a year.. What did you think? What did your club think? Will this tip me to read it?

  4. I had a three hour drive this week, and put in an audio book. The guy reading sounded just like Casey Kasem. I pulled out the first CD after about ten minutes. I decided that I’d rather listen to the sound of the wind hitting my car for the next two hours and fifty minutes. Whew…a bad voice can kill a good book!

  5. I thought it was called ganache. There was something else, but it just went completely out of my head since I’m doing three things at once.

  6. I read that book just a few months after I lost my mom to early-onset Alzheimer’s and man that was too soon. It’s a great book, but a tough read, especially if it hits so close to home.

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