Ah! Okay then!

I almost forgot to post today. So there you go. Let’s see.

I got up this morning at around 8:00 with the deepest pillow wrinkle my cheek has ever seen. (It is now nearly 7:00 in the evening, and the pillow wrinkle is still there. Please don’t tell me to drink more water. I know.) Um, I went on a cardigan hunt with my mom and ended up with something red with sort of a funky neckline, if I may use the word funky without sounding like a complete tool. I ate some pesto.

All of that is boring, but this I love: Last year I knitted a baby hat for Meredith’s kindergarten teacher, who was about to go on her maternity leave. She called this afternoon to tell me that the hat was lost today, and she was wondering if I would be able to make another. This is exactly why I knit. I am now working on replacing that little boy’s hat, and am doing it knowing that the mom loves the hat and the baby wears the hat. (This is rare in the world of knitted gifts! Am I right, Knitters?!) Excellent. (And because I am who I am, I’m going to throw in an extra hat in Christmas colors! It’s coming, People. And because it’s coming, I just spent nearly thirty minutes putting together my holiday Facebook profile photo. I’m an expert at the wasting of time.)

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Mommy, as named by Meredith ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

9 thoughts on “Ah! Okay then!”

  1. This knitting thingy has never happened to me. I have knitted all sorts of funky (there, see, absolutely no tool involved) stuff for new parents and they all go ‘ah gee thanks’ and stuff it quickly into the bottom of their imported Italian prams. You must let me into the secret. Of the knitting. Also, whatever you’re putting in the water, put more in.

  2. I love the hat I won on your blog 2 years ago and wear it every winter (although it stretched a little, not sure how – my head is not THAT big)! So if you feel like making a matching scarf…..

  3. Cool. The cane ALMOST made it in the ear! Anyhow, I have tried to learn knitting and wonder how people find it so relaxing and enjoyable.Isn’t yet for me but all the cool people (like you) do it, so I MUST try.

  4. Same thing with crocheted gifts or any handmade gift. I quit sewing & crocheting for Hubby’s family when they didn’t appreciate the gift – the work, thought, time, or money put in. I still do special things for the few who do.

  5. I love and appreciate hand knitted gifts. I always think of the people that made them for me each time that I use that gift. I think any gift handmade or homemade has such a special sentiment to them.

    I love the profile pic… it looks as though that giant candy cane has punctured your face, immediately under your right zygoma.

  6. This may sound harsh, mostly because it is, but don’t you think that there’s something genuinely off kilter about someone seeing that you have a pillow-related wrinkle in your face and then making a conscious decision to provide advice like, ‘You should drink more water’?

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