Really. It’s December.

Minnie and Minnie

I have no idea who these women are. What I do know is this: They enjoyed the heck out of the Main Street Electrical Parade, and in my mind, after the last float rolled, they took off their ears and taxied out for Phase Two—an hour spent eating sashimi and bad-mouthing Barry Manilow. Good for them. Good for everyone.

If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you know that I’m once again suffering from a stupid STUPID headache. Anyway, I saw my migraine doctor yesterday, and although I’m still, well, suffering (I don’t have my thesaurus handy, and my adjectives relating to pain lack variety!), I feel like we’ll someday get this all under control. This is more for me than for you: We have discontinued my Maxalt, we’re giving Relpax a whirl, we’re doubling the diclofenac in my cocktail pill, and we’re doubling my anti-seizure medication (Zonisamide). The only reason I’m putting this out there is this: If someone named Judy in Baltimore is going through what I’m going through, and this info could help her, well, you’re welcome, Judy. Similarly, if someone named Padma in Paducah HAS gone through something similar and wants to shout out some encouraging words, here’s your platform, Padma! Anyway. Once again, today I’m feeling really stoned. BUT, this will pass. And if it doesn’t? I own Freedom Rock. (Yes. I do.)

As I was typing that paragraph, Pillsbury sent a birthday e-mail to me. Three Sweet Surprises in celebration of your birthday month! (I was born in May.) Oh, Pillsbury. I’ll let it slide this time. French Silk Pie!

This morning I volunteered in Harper’s classroom. Hanging on the wall outside the classroom were construction paper turkeys made by the kindergarten kids. Each turkey had four tail feathers, and each feather listed something for which the child was thankful. Harper’s four feathers listed Family, God, Jesus, and Literacy.

I haven’t yet found the advent calendar I like to share every year in December. Until I do, I’ll share The Coffee Lady with you.

Edited to Add: Wait. I found it. And I love it as much now as I did five years ago.

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13 thoughts on “Really. It’s December.”

  1. I too owned “Freedom Rock,” but ironically enough, I think I lost those cassettes somewhere in the midst of my divorce.

  2. When I tried to click on day 2 of the advent calendar (I’m impatient), I was advised to ‘not be a greedy little calendar piggy’. I can’t believe some banjo-plucking rabbit who may or may not be a Lutheran just referred to me as swine. The nerve!

  3. My kindergartener’s 4 turkey feathers said My Parents, Brothers & Sisters, Friends, and Trampoline. (Notably, she has no brothers nor a trampoline.)

    Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Thank you thank you! I needed an advent calendar, and had forgotten about Banjo Bunny – brilliant!

    Hope you’re feeling better tomorrow. :(

  5. I’m so sorry about the headache. No one who’s ever had a migraine would expect you to some up with synonyms! Best of luck with the treatment tweaks. Meds have helped minimize mine: still get them, but not as many, not usually as bad…it can be done.

    I think those women were also bad-mouthing Neil Diamond.

  6. How do you do that? How do you make me feel a little worried about Judy, but yet glad for Padma that she’s found some relief?

    And it must be said, you have birthed the two most clever children in the world.

  7. Did these ladies know you were following them around? You know, I read an article on (saints preserve us) about a writer that was hired by Heathrow airport as their first ‘writer in residence’. His job: Spend a week at the airport and… write about it. (links below)

    With a good pitch, you might be able to arrange a similar gig at Disney, or Sandals Royal Bahamian. Just a thought.

    Feel better soon, my friend.

  8. Maybe I’m again out of my migraines…because knock on wood, I seem to be having fewer of them. Oddly, mostly keeping to the same sleep schedule from day to day and eating high-protein meals regularly seem to really make a difference.

    But I still get beat down periodically and have to break out the Maxalt.

  9. … this might be a bit off the wall but maybe… you don’t have any old filling by any chance? some nasty old fillings (let’s face it, you and me have the let ‘teens’ a few seasons ago, not too many, but a few) by any chance? Some old fillings were made with nasty metals that can cause horrific headaches. Happened to a friend of mine. Out went the fillings and away went the headache.
    This is not a conspiracy theory type thing, by the way…

  10. I used to suffer migraines. I figured out a way to fix mine, but what works for some people doesn’t work for everyone (I made a big diet change). You’ll figure out what works for you and everything will be OK.

  11. Aw now, that’s kind..

    The online advent calendars I open are the ones where you open a window and see if you’ve won something. Today I tried for a wind-up camping lantern. Seasonal!

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