It is now in the basement. In a bucket!

When you’re in your goofy teddy bear pajamas and it’s three degrees outside and you call your husband in Philadelphia to ask where the plunger is because it’s not in its normal location in the (very cold) garage and he tells you that he may have hung it on a nail that happens to be something like twelve feet above the ground—meaning you have to take more than five running jumps (with maniacal fist punches that make you look like the most blundering middle-aged ballerina, yeesh) to dislodge it from the nail, and when it DOES finally fall it hits you in the side of the head which causes you to yell the S word right as the next door neighbor’s kid is leaving his house to catch his bus, well, it’s not such a great way to kick off a Tuesday.

Glass Half Full: I started off my day with some exhilarating outdoor exercise. Also, I fixed the toilet and showed the middle school kid next door that I Am Human. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

14 thoughts on “It is now in the basement. In a bucket!”

  1. “I started off my day with some exhilarating outdoor exercise.” It was this line that caused the following chain of events:
    -I snort/laughed and started to choke on my coffee
    -my boss (who was walking by) stopped to look in my office wondering a)what I was doing and b)what was that noise?
    -I demonstrated my ninja-like reflexes in the alt-tab window change and carried on like nothing had happened.

    So glad you’re a glass half full person!

  2. Glass half full? You’re my kinda gal…..

    I wished my daughter a Happy, Happy 10th Birthday this morning. She told me she was turning 11.

    Then I told her she better be grateful whatever her age is because she doesn’t pay rent. She sort of agreed.

    See? Glass half full.

  3. Only the S word? I think ida gone a little further. Blue air, in fact.
    On the other hand, at least it DID come down and you didn’t damage yourself and the nasty job is DONE…..

  4. I can’t imagine having the plunger anywhere other than the bathroom. You should knit it a snuggie so it can be cute and convenient.

  5. I have to agree with SueBob there. However, this episode reminds me of the only poem I have reliably memorized:

    The Hat
    by Shel Silverstein

    Teddy said it was a hat
    So I put it on.
    Now Dad is saying
    “Where’s the toilet plunger gone?”

  6. I love your outlook. Glass half full. I’ll have to remember that.

    Also, I don’t think I’ve actually laughed aloud at any blog post in an eternity. This one did me in!

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