Do you really want to play that way?

As you know, Jeff is in Palm Springs for the next few days. His original flight was canceled yesterday morning, so he had to fly into Los Angeles and then drive into Palm Springs, and this unfortunate fliparoo of scheduling actually caused him to make it to his hotel before he would have had he been on the original flight, because: No Layover in Houston. Oh, the humanity!

Meanwhile, Meredith’s teacher pulled me aside on Wednesday and told me that Meredith wasn’t really acting like herself at school—she was throwing her feet up on her desk and acting sort of nuts, which isn’t really her typical At School demeanor. Later that evening, Meredith Baroque DaHown and I ended up keeping her home again yesterday. (I reluctantly sent her back to school today, and when I volunteered in her classroom this morning, I handed her teacher a piece of paper with my phone number on it and asked her to call me if things got crazy. I hate that I’m such a weirdo with that sort of thing.)

A few hours ago, I received the following photo from Jeff. It came in a message titled The View From My Doorstep.

His View

Meanwhile, it’s sort of cold and snowy/rainy here. Oh! Wait! Here’s The View From My Doorstep.

My View

Ah, but before you start grabbing your handkerchiefs and violins in my honor, please know that the UPS man has provided me with a silver lining!


(They’re my first ever pair of boots (really!), and they’re making me want to wear skirts and maybe even tie scarves around my neck and do cutesy twirls when I walk!)

((I fall down all of the time. I won’t really be doing the cutesy twirl thing. BUT, skirts! Maybe!))

(((Someday I might tell you about how the tissue paper surrounding the boots was smeared with what appeared to be some sort of animal feces. It sort of killed the buzz of the whole “Hey! Boot deliveries are awesome!” thing. Luckily, I was able to put on a pair of my disposable latex gloves (I wear them often), peel the paper away from the boots, verify that none of the mess was actually touching the shoes, and Hooray! Boot deliveries ARE awesome!)))

((((Yes. The tree is still up. I’m working on it. (I’m not really working on it.))))) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

11 thoughts on “Do you really want to play that way?”

  1. I would have totally take a screen shot of a pool boy or something from the web and sent it to your husband. That’d learn him (or not).

    I have a pair of Born boots and who knew they were so freakin’ awesome!

  2. re: Meredith. Is she on antibiotics? My sister had some really weird side effects from amoxicillin as a child. She actually became very depressed. Not just lethargic, but actually like a personality change. When my mom mentioned it to the pediatrician, he was very interested, because they were not (this was a long time ago – my sister is 37) listed in the literature (maybe they are now?), but the pediatrician had observed them in enough children to attract his attention.
    For myself, I find that some antibiotics cause me to have episodes of lightheadedness/dizziness.

    Hope she feels better soon.

  3. “…Meredith Baroque DaHown…”

    I read that and re-read that and read it again. Then, about five clicks later, I was like, “OH!”

    And I just realized that I came back to tell you just how slow-witted I am.

  4. I don’t know where the animal that poops boots lives, but when I find out where it is, I’ll let you know. We can go there together.

    Also, your *first* pair? Really? Really Really? Wow. Boots are awesome. So are you, Mrs Pudding, Baroque DaHown indeed.

  5. what do you meant ‘first’ pair of boots????

    may I ask why????

    I’m speechless.

    I have a child that sometimes does a DrJeckyll?MrHyde on me… we’re slowly worked out that he gets bad mood changing headaches. Never told us the git. So we’re working on that.

    Kids, eh? who’d have them…

  6. I’m with the Coffee Lady. I’m trying hard to get it, and then I think I do, and I’ve gotten it in my own little way, but I’d take clarification. :-) Love your blog, Ms. Pudding.
    And I love the idea of sending a pic of the pool boy from the web. That’s AWEsome.

  7. I love those boots!

    Does Meredith’s mood have anything to do with Jeff going out of town? I have one child who always hated change of any sort. Luckily, at 24, she’s learned to go with the flow.

  8. I bought my first pair of boots 4 years ago and I’m here as a warning to you – I now have 5 pair! Five! One of them is even high-heeled – I have no idea what kind of leather-fumed paradise I was in when I bought those.

    Maybe it was just leather dressing on the paper? Kind of like guns are packed in some kind of waxy-oily substance from the factory – knowledge I have thanks to the gun nut I dated for a couple years.

  9. My tree is still up, too. And I’m working on it the same way you probably are. My husband returns from a trip tomorrow and I don’t think he’ll be happy that it’s still standing in the corner. Oh, well.

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