It’s about to get cat-eyed all up in this place!

Fluid Pudding first came into existence back in September of 2001. Since that time, I’ve been asked for a headshot something like six times. Maybe. AND, if we were to play the association game and you were to say Headshot!!!, I would come back with Distressing! or TheCraterousPoresOnMyCheeks!! or IrritableBowelSyndrome!!! Anyway, last week it came up again. SO, I flipped around through my Flickr set and found a photo my mom took of our family sitting on a couch during the holiday season.

Family 2010

Because it’s not a headshot unless it contains One Head, I cropped out my family and cloned my sweater over Meredith’s face to come up with this.


Heh. I know. I know! Jeff says it looks like I’m sort of sad and wrapped up in a blanket on a couch in an undisclosed location (enjoying a bowl of roz bi laban in Egypt with Anderson Cooper).

Anyway. I finally ate an amaretto-flavored sucker and contacted a friend and am getting the wheels in motion to have an actual photograph taken of my head in about a month. (I need a haircut, and the woman who cuts my hair lives five hours away, so I’m sort of on her schedule for these things. Have I ever mentioned that my life is sometimes decorated with quirky spoons and wrenches?) I’m thinking I would like a serious photo in case I ever decide to become complex and need a photo to represent the reflectiveness, plus a photo that’s a bit more whimsical? Maybe? Can one be whimsical at this age? Oh dear God, why am I crying? HEADSHOT!!!

The real reason I invited  you over here today is to tell you that I ordered some liquid eyeliner last night, and it’s only a matter of time (about nine days, actually) before I start looking a little more like this.

Liquid Eyeliner

How do you like me now, Anderson Cooper? ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

10 thoughts on “It’s about to get cat-eyed all up in this place!”

  1. My husband and I used to send emo poetry to each other:

    Here I stand all alone
    Alone in my alone-ness
    I am alone
    While I linger in my lonliness,
    All alone am I
    Pain is French for bread

    So, basically I’m going to have this printed on a shirt for your birthday. To match the eyeliner. Start practicing your sneer.

  2. I need a headshot too and I dread it. First, $$$, second, $$$, and third, I have an asymmetrical face (one eye smaller, one side of top lip slopes funny, I have a convex nose and a super high forehead; and so I suspect I’ll end up with one of those funny-angle head shots that you know means “this person is kinda funny looking in real life but if we cock their head 38 degrees and shoot from above, they look sort of normal.”

  3. I love how you’re moving towards the 1960’s Priscilla Presley look as you age disgracefully. Don’t bother with the haircut, just get started on that beehive. A Uh huh.

  4. ah the old goth look… I hear he’s coming back…

    my son took my last ‘head shot’ last year… about 346875 photos later (hurray for the digital age) I looked like a librarian on her first outing in ten years… quite frightening.

  5. I think you look lovely, and I’m sure Anderson Cooper would agree.

    Speaking of Anderson Cooper, when I linked to a story about him getting beat up in Cairo, which I thought was awful, some facebook friends (guys) thought it was like some bizarre badge of honor. I really don’t understand men sometimes.

  6. I can not do liquid eyeliner. I really rock the shadow liner with the angled brush and even have a couple pencils by Hard Candy that I use. Liquid eyeliner and I however, are not on speaking terms after having to wash it off and start over one workday morning last month.

  7. Hilarious, as always! Use the liquid liner on the top only for that doe-eyed look – which you would totally rock!

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