Nobody likes The Pudding Probe.

For the past three years or so, I’ve been doing the review writing gig for BlogHer, and even though I sometimes twirl counter-clockwise in my cocksure skirt and my confidence starts getting all monkeyed, deep down I know that I really do love writing the reviews, and I know a few of you enjoy reading them.

Why do I enjoy writing the reviews? Obviously, it’s fun to try out new products. (When you review new makeup, you score the opportunity to stand in a bathroom and act like Pat Benatar! When you review kid clothes, you get to dress your kids up and let them act like superstars! Sometimes, when the urge strikes and there aren’t many rules to follow, you can throw on the Paganini and let people watch you eat. It never gets boring!)  To me, the best part always comes at the tail end when I get to send out the little “HEY! You just won!” e-mail if the review is attached to a giveaway. I love that. 100%.

I’m typing this out really quickly just because I have a question for you. I’m thinking of taking the reviews to a website that I’ll dedicate solely to my reviews. The main reason I’m considering this sounds strange, and I’m still sort of working it all out in my head. When I look at my stats (which I rarely do, because I don’t really know how to get to them without a lot of dizzying clicks and errors) it seems that most of you don’t really care about the reviews. With that said, I know that there is a large group of people out there who really dig the review/giveaway sort of thing, and some of them dig it because they’re sort of needing it. As much as I want Fluid Pudding readers to win Every Single Thing I Ever Give Away, I also know at least three of you who roll your eyes every time I put the little dotted line with the giveaway links at the bottom of my posts.

Anyway. Typetypetypetypetype. Can you tell I have to leave here in ten minutes to pick up the kids?! I’m thinking about a website dedicated to the reviews, and I’m wondering what the name should be, and when I said The Pudding Probe over on Facebook, I had a few people gently shake their heads and remind me that medically speaking, a probe is not such a great thing. I also threw out Pudding Perlustration, but come on. Now I’m just showing off the fact that I have a big thesaurus. At the time of this post, the most recent suggestion (by Neil) was The Scrutinizing Pudding. I’m liking that, too. Any ideas? If I choose your name, I might give you something. Like I said, I’m still working it all out, and I need to leave the house in three minutes.

While you’re here, don’t forget that I’m giving away a copy of Let’s Panic as well as some energy-conserving light bulbs from GE! ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

31 thoughts on “Nobody likes The Pudding Probe.”

  1. “Pudding it out there” haha

    would it still be linked here–just a click away?

  2. I was thinking of “The Pudding Opinion”…but I also like Effie’s suggestion of “Pudding It Out There…”

  3. I don’t visit all of the reviews, but I do read some of them. I also don’t mind the dotted line and reviews on the bottom of your page. It’s difficult to please every one of your readers so if you just do what you think is best, we’ll all adjust in no time, I’m sure!

    As for name suggestions: “Not So Hasty, Pudding Reviews” or something like that would be fun. Maybe “Pudding on the Ritz”, “Stirring the Pudding”, “The Plain Pudding”, or “Pudding It to the Test”. I also think that “Pudding It Out There” is a great suggestion.

    Can’t wait to hear what you finally come up with!

  4. I’m determined to figure out a way to make “Pudding Pack” a part of the name.

    I really like your reviews, for what it’s worth; you manage to bring your usual self and day-to-day experiences to your reviews so it never feels forced or sneaky. Sneaky reviews make me crazy.

  5. (i actually never mind seeing the reviews here. there aren’t many of them.)
    pudding promos!
    serious pudding studies!
    the pudding assessment!

  6. I totally dig Tara’s Not So Hasty Pudding Reviews. Contrariwise I also like Instant Pudding Review. (if you read and type “pudding” enough it either starts to not look like a real word, or becomes some sort of British euphemism for that act which if Catholic Boys do enough will cause them to go blind).

  7. At first all I could think of was Put Your Pudding Where Your Mouth Is…but then I saw CasaCristy’s comment and all of a sudden it seems a little taboo for a family-friendly blog. ;)

  8. ‘Putting on the Pud’ is an english expression which means ‘putting on weight’, as opposed to CasaChristy’s, which is ‘pulling the pud’. I did quite like the Pudding Probe, but then, I am a little weird. How about ‘Pudding Profiles’? Or, Pudding on the Ritz. Ha hah hahahahahahahahha oops. Sorry. Going now.

  9. Actually I enjoy reading your reviews. And the give aways are never for us Austrayans anyway. So I think the pudding should remain as one, so to speak. You did ask.

  10. Okay. Reviews have gone insane on some British blogs, and I would hold you up to anyone who asked me as some example of how to do it well. And you know how much I loved your yogurt post. It is DOCUMENTED. I wouldn’t necessarily start a whole new blog unless you wanted to – certainly of the blogs I read you would be the last one I would put on my ‘Pissed Off With Reviews’ list (and it does exist – it’s a pretty hefty list).

    (Can you do pages? Can you slot them on another page within the same blog? Anyhow.)

    I am officially not in the least bit offput by your giveaways even though I can’t even enter them. See! How not offput is that?

  11. Oh my mind is running away with this1
    How about:
    The Pudding Skinny
    No Skin Off My Pudding
    I think I like some variation of Pudding Skinny best.

  12. I like The Scrutinizing Pudding. Or possibly The Pudding Appraisal. Or Pudding and Sons Analytical Services: We Try Things So You Don’t Have To. (Although that’s maybe a little cumbersome. And also not correct, in a genderly manor.)

  13. Pudding Appraisal
    The Perceptive Pudding
    Modern Pudding
    Pudding Ponders Products

    p.s. I’m fine with how you currently do reviews, for what it’s worth.

  14. There’s an old cliche “the proof is in the pudding”. It seems to be appropriate and fitting for a review site.

  15. I don’t usually click over unless the prize is something I really want, or need. But I’m never bothered that you put them there, and I’m afraid I wouldn’t ever click over if you didn’t present them that way. That said, here are my ideas for the names:
    The Pudding Presents an oPinion
    Fluid Thoughts on Non-pudding
    I also like NeCole’s Proof is in the Pudding one and the Pudding it to the Test one.

    Hope you’re well!

  16. I don’t click over a lot since it’s not always something I want – or something I feel worth of like with the lightbulbs. I am so bad at being green; it’s my secret shame. But I do like seeing them here and I think you handle it very well since they’re separated posts and your blog isn’t all blah review review blah.

  17. After reading all the comments, my suggestion would have sucked. Also, it now looks like Pudding is spelled incorrectly all the time. Great.

  18. I like your reviews because it means I get to read more of your writing. So here or there, no matter.

  19. I think it’s fine to leave it here. I don’t usually read them but I don’t really care if they are there or not. It’s still you, being you-ish, so what’s the big deal?

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