We’re picking up our needle and moving to another groove.


So, it’s Spring Break at The Pudding Chalet, and your guess is as good as mine as far as what Spring Break should entail. We were going to go see Rango, but one kid called the other kid a Liar, and that’s really all it takes to cancel a movie. (Confession: It doesn’t really take much to cancel a movie. Especially if I have no desire to see that movie. With that said, we don’t do name calling at The Pudding Chalet.)


Jeff’s dad gave us a lava lamp several years ago when we were dating. I’m still not really sure why, but I sort of went with it, as I often do. By the way, the neighbors down the street now have a huge wooden stork in their front yard, and that huge wooden stork is holding a sign that says “Taylor, 6 lbs. 15 oz., March 17th!” This afternoon Meredith came up to me and said, “If the neighbors can’t find a home for Taylor before the end of the week, can we take her?”

Me: Yes. But before we continue with this conversation, can you tell me what you think Taylor is?

Meredith: I think she’s a puppy.

When I broke the news to Meredith that although WE know that storks deliver pickles, there are some people out there who like to pretend that storks deliver babies, and sadly (sadly?!) Taylor is a BABY and NOT a puppy. (Meredith knows that storks do NOT deliver babies. She also knows that she was pulled (quite unnaturally, with the use of a spinal block of all things) from my abdominal region. She also knows that because of this highly unnatural way to enter the world, there’s a 23% chance that she’ll raise some sort of whimsical hell someday. Anyway. Where was I? Storks! Pickles! Puppies!)


Have I told you that we’re probably getting a puppy at the end of April? Sort of like the lava lamp thing, I’m just nodding my head and going with it. When it happens, you’ll be the first to know. By the way, I got a pair of jeans yesterday, and they call themselves Slim Boyfriend, and for whatever reason, that makes me want to hear this song over and over. (Have I ever told you about my bus ride to Atlanta when I *did* hear that song over and over?) Hey. Tell me a gallbladder story. Because I think I’m starting this sort of stuff up again, and I want somebody to sing a song about beet juice to me.
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13 thoughts on “We’re picking up our needle and moving to another groove.”

  1. Thanks for the laugh!
    What do you want to know about gall bladders? Ken had his out on Mother’s Day a couple of years ago.

  2. Ah! THAT’s what that last lava lamp pic was reminding me of! Beet juice! (I thought pickled eggs were a regional delicacy, but you’re in an entirely different region than the one I connected them with.) (So I guess they’re more universal.)

  3. Charlie is just beginning to ask about where he came from which then brings up other questions about adoption.

    We got a puppy over the weekend.

  4. I had my gallbladder out shortly after my husband had his gallbladder out…so I knew exactly what the pains I was experiencing were. Ice cream was the thing that sent me over the edge. A dull pain that started higher than your stomach and went straight through you like a hot knife, so the pain radiated to your back. Not fun at all. The surgery was a simple day surgery and I was back to work in a week…I probably could have gone back sooner, but I milked it. :) If that’s what you have, get it taken care of, cause it doesn’t get any better and can actually get much worse. Is that more than you wanted to know?

  5. “Everyone is welcome at Fluid Pudding” Possibly my favorite part of the cake balling process post second only to the fact that, wow, that’s easy, I could do that, thanks!

  6. Oh! Do go see Rango sometime over break…it’s highly entertaining…a little violent for the very young (OK a lot violent) but kids over 8 should appreciate it. I went with my 22 year old son who asked afterwards “Did you catch the Hunter S. Thompson reference?”

  7. I recently wrote a post about boyfriend jeans too. I hope yours look better on you than mine did on me (they were actually jeans stolen off my boyfriend…they looked horrible).

  8. Hey FP. I just got a puppy on Sunday from Stray Rescue. LOVE her. Also love the one-eyed kitten we got a month ago. However, it is 5 am and I have been awake since 3 because said puppy misses her foster brother. Sigh..it’s a bit like having another baby.

  9. Last night I was inspired to get stuff to make cherry chocolate cake balls while I was shopping for fruit. I’m hoping to start the balling process tonight. Alone. In my kitchen.

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