If you skate, you would be great if you could make a figure eight.

When Meredith was less than 24 hours old, she had already figured out how to kick her feet up to get comfortable.


The new parents in the surrounding rooms loved to poke their heads into my room to ask if they could see “the ten pound baby.”


One mom even brought her tiny six pound baby in, placed her next to Meredith on my bed, and took a bunch of photos. (I’m *still* not completely sure how I feel about that.)

Eight years have passed, and Meredith is still larger than life. She dances every day, sometimes taking breaks to sit down with a notebook to design clothing or coffee cups, she has a knack for writing great stories, and her love of King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls is unmatched.


Happy Birthday, Meredith Claire. (And happy birthday to you, Jerry Seinfeld, Eve Plumb, and Uma Thurman.)
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11 thoughts on “If you skate, you would be great if you could make a figure eight.”

  1. Is it that time already!!!!!!!! Wow, so that’s what all the fuss was about in England, I was wondering. That’s why the White Castle choice for dinner. Congratulations to two beautiful girls and future presidents!

  2. Happy Birthday to both lovely girls!

    My last baby was 10 lbs 12 oz. He didn’t fit in the newborn sized clothes I got for him to go home from the hospital – and now he’s 14 and taller than me. Time flies!

  3. Your girls are gorgeous because they are so full of energy and spirit. And you, my friend, are a terrific photographer. Thanks for sharing.

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