Hey, Soul Cysta!

As you know, right now I look a little bit like this:

The next time you see me? I’ll look a bit more like this:

It’s hip surgery day at Fluid Pudding, during which I’ll be driving to the hospital, receiving lots of numbing shots in my hip, and having a cyst sliced off! And if that makes YOU cringe, imagine what it’s doing to ME!

Interestingly enough (???) (!!!), my cyst is the exact size of a Swedish Fish.


Some of you may say that’s a coincidence.

Me? I’m going with: You are what you eat? Manifested!

Next up? I’m going to eat Natalie Portman. Heh. HA HA HA HA!!! Okay then.
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16 thoughts on “Hey, Soul Cysta!”

  1. Hey! Good luck with that!

    And not to freak you out right before surgery or anything, but I had a dream last night that you and the girls drove to Amarillo, Texas for some reason and stopped at a roadside food joint and you filmed a stop-motion animation with sausages that you had fashioned to look like birds. It was moving and delicious. And I am never eating that much chocolate right before bedtime again.

  2. look how skinny you are!

    And it is crazily amazing that your cyst resembles your swedish fish–maybe it *is* a swedish fish!

    Good luck today!

  3. Perhaps having a notch in your hip will give you an amazing superpower! Like the ability to hula hoop for hours on end!

    Is that a real tattoo on your arm? Or did you photoshop that in? Either way – awesome choice. I played trombone for YEARS.

  4. Mr Golightly has a very unslightly cyst on the back of his head which reminds me of Arnold Schwarzenegger. I can see him starting up the chainsaw and the backyard bbq pit right now.

    Good luck!

  5. You should get a tattoo of a Swedish Fish over the scar, once it all heals up.

    “I’m gonna eat Natalie Portman”…hahhahahaha. You can’t say that.

  6. Goodluckgoodluckgoodluckgoodluck!!! May your surgeon’s hands be steady,the biopsy be benign, and your recovery involve plenty of sweet treats, and sitting around knitting while your stitched tissues knit!

    Also, maybe pat a puppy while you’re at it :-)

  7. Holy smokes. If I were asked to describe you, “mugwumpish” would not be among the adjectives.

    I like the cyst’s shadow effect. Makes it look like a zeppelin floating over your equator.

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