Pudding’s Got the Juice, Newton.

I was going to start off by showing you this photo:

First Day of School!

Then I was going to say, “This is the girls on their FIRST day of second grade and kindergarten.”

Then I was going to show you THIS photo:

Last Day of School!

And I was going to say, “This is the girls on their LAST day of second grade and kindergarten.” Then I was going to type something thoughtful like, “Meredith couldn’t speak Mandarin Chinese or write haikus on the first day of school, but now she can!” and “Harper couldn’t read or count by fives on the first day of school, but now she can!”

Ah! But then a big brown truck pulled up in front of my house this afternoon and all of my sentimental madness came to a screeching halt—replaced with what can only be described as Juice Potential. And Juice Potential is an insanely powerful thing.


Yes. My juicer arrived today, and as soon as I opened the box and washed the parts, I took nine carrots and a firmly packed cup of spinach and I made an eight ounce glass of Carrot/Spinach juice. (Despite the fact that the dog treats are right there with the carrots and spinach, I can assure you that they were NOT included in the juice.) ((They’re flavored with salmon, and Scout is crazy about them.))

Carrot Spinach Juice!

Despite how it LOOKS, it actually tasted very good. BUT, I drank it entirely too quickly and I ended up feeling a bit ill for about an hour. I’m telling myself that my “ill” was actually the healing power of the juice going to work on my innards! Feel the cleanse! I CAN SEE IN THE DARK AND LIFT A HYUNDAI TUCSON!!!

Tomorrow I’ll be making Apple/Peach/Grapefruit juice! (1 apple, 2 peaches, and 2 grapefruits will make approximately 2.5 cups of juice!)

Side Note: Every meal I ate today was raw and vegan. Tomorrow is National Doughnut Day. Summer break in action! JUICE!!! DOUGHNUTS!!! (Yes. I still refuse to spell it as “donut”. I also still refuse to put that period inside the quotation marks.) We lack consistency! (Hence: Fluid Pudding.)
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10 thoughts on “Pudding’s Got the Juice, Newton.”

  1. Did you end up getting the Breville? (Couldn’t quite make out the brand on the front in the pic) If so, I do hope you are loving it! (Otherwise, totally forget who I am….)

    P.S. Is there a controversy of donut vs. doughnut? I guess I never knew…ah, sometimes ignorance really is bliss (of the sweetest, most fattening kind!).

  2. I’m 100% with you on the punctuation issue! Nine carrots though? Uhmmm, that’s a LOT of carrots. On the other hand, having brought that to your attention, I am reminded of the time I stood waiting for a (lithe, lean and healthy-looking as I recall) <–(possibly relevant detail to be determined at reader discretion later on in this anecdote) man to finish piling uncountably numerous industrial-sized bags of carrots into his grocery cart before (me) <–(I can already tell this sentence is going to produce egregious grammar issues regardless of how it ends up being punctuated) reaching to select my own single one which at the time would have been approximately a two-month supply for our family, and at which (time) <–(wait, this is rapidly going *all* wrong)…to whom?? <–(no, that's not right either)..well anyway, eventually in the afore-referenced moment in time I commented cheerfully to the man something along the lines of "That's a lot of carrots!" <–(a not-very-profound observation under the circumstances, I know) to which he replied "Well, we're vegetarians" which (at the time) <–(still in the grocery store, a very long time ago, apparently before I had actually mastered the English language!) stopped me in my tracks. "Vegetarians? Really? Like no meat at all? Ever?" People, no — of *course* I did not actually say that out loud. It was merely running through my intelligence-challenged brain. In truth, I simply stared dumbly at him, grabbed my own huge bag of carrots, and went on about my carnivorous business. Are you not completely fascinated by the fact that I have taken the time to recount this on a public blog? The only thing more pitiful would be if I decided to spare myself the humiliation and delete it completely right here and now. But then I really *would* have wasted the last however many minutes of my life. Like it or not, posterity, it's staying!


    Angie, maybe I just need a cake ball…

  3. my favorite is carrot orange. more orange than carrot, otherwise it’s too sweet for my taste. and for breakfast i like apple grapefruit lemon orange. one of each. adding 1/2 inch of fresh ginger really gets me going. mmmh juices.
    (i learned to dilute the juice with water one to one (but i do only about 1/4 water), maybe you got nauseous because you didn’t? it’s potent stuff!)

  4. Try a kale/celery/ apple blend. Those taste better then they sound. Also, the girls? Really? How is it that those little ones seem to grow up so darn fast? And I can’t even imagine still being alive by 2023.

  5. I like ginger carrot. Yeah, that’s a BIG load of sugar, so sip it, but start right away, because carrot oxidizes like nobody’s business. Pesky demanding fresh food! I’ve heard you should actually “chew” your juice and swish it around to stimulate digestive juices, but I just can’t, because it’s embarrassing.

  6. Wow! That looks and sounds so healthy! I had a free doughnut on National Doughnut Day! I can’t wait til National Vodka Rigatoni Day!

  7. 1st – ZOMG (it’s okay to use that now as it’s been added to the OED right?) where did you get the “Class of” shirts? Too cute!

    2nd – remember it is entirely possible to turn yourself and others quite orange from too much carrot juice combined with other vitamin A rich foods. It will start in the nose … I have baby pictures of Puddin’ to prove it.

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