Infections and Door Rainbows

If I test positive for an MRSA infection, my entire family will have to be medicated. We won’t have the results until Tuesday, but Meredith and Harper are already Very Angry. If my test result is negative, I know two little girls who owe me big apologies. (Incidentally, research shows that the at-risk population for an MRSA infection includes high school wrestlers and people who live in crowded conditions. As you know, my house is VERY crowded. AND, just last week I put the Five Moves of Doom on a babyface!) ((I had to look it up. Wrestling terms! So many languages out there, and I know only English, a bit of Spanish, and Knitting! Life really is too short, and here I sit with a potential staph infection! I’m so gross!))

In less than two hours, I will be entering a local shop and purchasing a spinning wheel. The thought of this is both highly exciting AND terrifying, because it’s a big purchase, and big purchases tend to make me all squirrelly and apologetic. (Also, I cry and whisper “I’m so sorry” every time I vomit. Can we please hang out sometime?!) In my mind, I’m going to spin fiber into yarn and then knit that yarn into a cowl or something and then give it away on my site because you guys really are the greatest. (Thanks for all of the positive feedback on my post about Aaron’s bike! As of this morning, we had collected $800. It’s definitely a start! And there’s still time to contribute!)

One last thing! Yesterday I received a wonderful gift in the mail from Sarah M. I was completely floored and excited, and whoa! When I told Meredith about the gift and how it’s from someone I’ve never actually met, she said, “Wow. Sarah is really nice. I bet her door has a rainbow on it.” I love that. Sarah’s door definitely has a rainbow on it. Each of you who contributed to Aaron’s bike? You have rainbows on your doors, too. I’m so lucky to have so many rainbow doored friends here. Have I thanked you lately?! Because, really. Thank you. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

11 thoughts on “Infections and Door Rainbows”

  1. I am the same way about big purchases. I hem and haw and think it over for months until Chris just ends up buying it for me. One time I bought an expensive BigGirlGrownUp purse, one I had been eying for some time. After paying for it, I had to go sit down because I was all light headed and dizzy.

    Hurray for Rainbows on everyone’s doors!

  2. Even better than a rainbow, it is covered in dirty fingerprints. The way I figure it, not only does that mean my house is filled with people I love, but also that my life is too filled with important, joyful, things to worry about fingerprints:-)

    (My church has a rainbow banner, though, if that counts.)

    I’m glad the giftie got to you okay.

  3. We are the same way about big purchases. We went to the lighting store on March 11 to look for new lamps for our house. We have four rooms that need lighting, including the entryway, as the hideous brass chandelier that was there CRASHED TO THE FLOOR. It would be less dramatic if I also told you that the crashing event happened last August, and we still have not replaced or ordered any lamps. It’s almost July, and it’s light until 10 pm here, so maybe we don’t need them for a few more months.

    When I think about this, all I can say is, “We just suck at some things, huh?”

  4. I really, truly thought I was the only person who cried and whispered “I’m so sorry” every time I vomit.

  5. Super dear about the rainbows! Only I am worried about you and the MRSA–is this to do with the purply thing on your hip? For with my concern, I also have noseyness, I suppose. :)

  6. I am a little skeptical about the need to put your entire family on antibiotics if you are the only one with MRSA – MAYBE antibiotic ointment in the nose or special antibacterial body wash (or even baths with a little bleach in the water (hey look, there’s a Clorox ad right there!)), but oral antibiotics seems a bit much. Just my two cents as a random internet doctor…

  7. I’ve had MANY a patient in the hospital as well as unfortunate friends who have had MRSA and their families were not put on an antibiotic. Your family should, however, wash with phisohex for a couple of weeks until you are all clear. Here’s hoping you’re cootie free!

  8. Two years ago, my daughter had a MRSA infection procured from basketball camp (dorm living/showers) Anyway, she was on the high-powered antibiotics, but the rest of us just had to do the nose swab thing with ointment and bleach/special wash baths. We were all fine & she’s had no problems since.

  9. My son had MRSA, was hospitalized and had to have antibiotics through a port in his arm – yep – from mats at his gym, not a wrestler, but a martial arts guy. We didn’t have to do the antibiotic thing, but I got to help with the port – YAY me – thank you school teacher med training – since then he is mr. phisoderm – haha – makes me think of the guy I dated in college who would phisoderm every door knob everywhere – I swear he carried a bottle with him in his pocket. *grin*

  10. It’s so interesting that I get back from vacationing at Millenium hotel where I was all freaked out because the workout room didn’t have towels or sanitizer and find you’ve posted about MRSA. I was so grossed out by the workout equipment not being able to be wiped off that we only used the elliptical because you don’t have to touch much and then did some floor exercises using extra towels we got from housekeeping.

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