Everyone takes photos of fireworks.

Yesterday I noticed that my camera has a setting for fireworks. Part of me was excited about this discovery, and part of me immediately felt like I was going to become one of those people who takes 2,493 photos of the ocean or 7,594 photos of a sunset or 34,293 photos of the Cinderella castle, but with fireworks instead of oceans or the sun or castles. If I thought you might be interested, I would share all 118 photos I took last night. (Yes. Really. 118! It’s as if I watched the entire display through my CAMERA instead of just watching it in the sky! Embarrassing.) Instead, I’ll just share one.

Van Gogh Sunflower Firework

If Van Gogh were to paint a sunflower on fire at midnight, I believe it would look something like this.

By the way, we’re now about halfway to our goal of getting a bike for Aaron. This makes me so happy. Thanks again for your help with this, and please know that if you still WANT to help, it’s not too late.

Also, please know that I’ve been making yarn. I’m not very good at it, yet it’s possibly the most relaxing thing I’ve ever done.

First yarn!

(Related: I learned to play this in the third grade, and I’ve been singing it in my head every time I spin. It’s a cute habit right now (mostly), but I need to get it under control.) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

8 thoughts on “Everyone takes photos of fireworks.”

  1. John Thompson piano method? I think that song was as far as I got before I quit.

  2. Hello! I am new. I was directed here by the Coffee Lady (http://thecoffeelady.blogspot.com/) who is a reader of yours.

    Anyway, it seems you and I share a new passtime – spinning!! I just got my wheel on Thursday and I am in love. Oh and totally jealous at how good you are! I am still in the mess stage of spinning!!

    Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  3. How about “Gretchen am Spinnrade”? to replace the Spinning Song? A little Schubert every once in a while is good for you – even if it involves a soprano…

  4. I got a really expensive camera for Christmas that also has a fireworks setting. I realized last night that not only did I need a tri-pod but also psychic ability in order to predict where the explosion was going to happen. The few I took look more like alien sea creatures than fireworks. It’s artistic.

    Nice yarn!

  5. That yarn looks perfect to me! You really do have so many talents! I can’t wait to see your first official, totally made by you, knitted project!

  6. But really, the question is: are you going to spin yarn from Scout’s fur? I saw a lady at a historical reenactment place spinning directly from the bunny’s butt. I know dogs have less fluff than bunnies but Scout looks pretty floofy.

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