Balls, Jack White, and Presidential Pizza

It’s a very exciting week in The Pudding Kitchen. This is the week that will find me mixing, baking, crumbling, blending, balling, dipping, and decorating until I have made two hundred cake balls. Two hundred cake balls that I will then transport to a reception hall for a wedding! I’ve always thought that the whole “Do what you love and the money will follow.” thing was a load of crap, but I’ve now managed to make it work more than once!

(I refuse to make a joke about Jeff being what I love. (“Do what you love.” Get it?! Raunchy!) Hrm. I *do* have more than one person in my life who believes I do nothing but spend Jeff’s money! Whee! My shoes are too nice! Back to the cake balls! 200! The average gestation of a whitetail deer is 200 days! I’m making a cake ball to represent each of those days! Venezuela just celebrated 200 years of independence! My cake balls are metaphorical!)

White cake. White icing. Blue dipping chips. 50 with white stripes and rose pearls. 50 with rose stripes and rose pearls. 50 with white AND rose stripes! 50 of I don’t know yet but it will incorporate sparkles and either the rose or the white stripes! Jack White! (But also, Catholic Throwdown with Colbert! It’s not safe for work! NKOTB!)

You might ask yourself how one prepares to put together 200 cake balls in a kitchen that’s roughly the size of a Toyota Camry. Well, I prepare by meeting one of Meredith’s friends and her mom for gluten-free pizza at Pi! If it’s good enough for President Obama, it’s good enough for me. Thus it is, and so we go. Enjoy your Monday. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

7 thoughts on “Balls, Jack White, and Presidential Pizza”

  1. I just did 50 cakeballs/pops in a ‘superhero’ theme. As I was making them, I began to think that it’s the kind of futzy thing that I would like to spend an inordinate amount of time on and give away for free just so I could hear people tell me how clever I am. Those people probably don’t have the Intarweb, so they would know how many clever cakeballers there are out there. Hello, Grandma? Look what I INVENTED! She would never know I was an impostor…

  2. I want to make these things, but I’m terrified they’ll end up looking like poop balls. No one will want to eat them.

  3. You’re telling us that you have 200 blue balls in your kitchen and didn’t think we’d want to see! Let’s see ’em! :)

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