Spinning Bats and Plump Cats

Because school starts up in less than two weeks, we’re currently spending a lot of time trying to tie up loose ends and do some of the things we’ve been talking about doing since the summer began. (We STILL haven’t gone out for a Pancake Breakfast! Unacceptable!)

Tomorrow evening is our last chance to cash in the free River City Rascals baseball tickets the girls earned at school last year. I’m a HUGE baseball fan. (I’m not a huge baseball fan.) The only thing that will possibly keep us away from the stadium tomorrow (other than my complete lack of enthusiasm) is the fact that the temperature is supposed to hit 98 degrees, which along with being a terrible band, is about 38 degrees too hot for me to plop down in a stadium seat. Meredith has decided that if we cannot deal with the heat of the game, we should go with Plan B, which involves a Chinese buffet. All I Can Eat Crab Rangoon, or feeling sweat run down my back while eating peanuts or Skittles or some other crap because I tend to not think ahead and the concession stands at these places typically offer nothing but fried up dead animals that are all too often served on sticks. Hrm. This is a tough one. (This is not a tough one.)

Do you remember back in May when I bought my juicer? I’ve used it exactly three times, and I haven’t been terribly smiley about any of my concoctions. (The promise of apple season is the only thing preventing me from trying to sell the blasted thing.) Luckily, unlike the juicer, my spinning wheel purchase has officially stuck. This is my latest bobbin.


It has some thick and thin and slubby bits, and although I wish my bobbins were even and beautiful when full, I haven’t yet mastered the hook adjustments. Anyway, for the spinners out there, I have one more bobbin to fill with this fiber before I attempt to Navajo ply it. I’m not so great at the spinning thing, but it’s all about the practice, right? Right! Any advice would be appreciated.

Hey! Do you remember when Harper took a hole puncher to Sidney’s ear? Although we haven’t seen much of Sid since Scout became part of the family, I wanted to assure you that she does still exist. (AND, so does the dent in her ear.)

In Hiding

She’ll be hiding in the basement (with that amazing pillow globe that I bought when I was pregnant with Meredith) until the dog is no longer a threat, which should occur sometime around the 12th. The 12th of Never. Also, do you remember learning how to put your shoulders back and stick out your neck and tilt your head and suck in your stomach and push your tongue against your front teeth all in an effort to make yourself appear a bit more photogenic?

Sidney hasn’t learned that yet.

Suck it in, Friend. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

7 thoughts on “Spinning Bats and Plump Cats”

  1. Our juicer came today. The plan is to do a 10 day juicing cleanse when I get back from BlogHer. Monday. There may be some “Blair Witch” styled entries over at my blog next week.

    I never learned that photo trick, but will probably find myself trying it out now.

  2. That looks like a skein of Clapotis yarn.

    Also, I love Sidney’s first picture there, with her “you didn’t bring That Dog with you, did you?” look on her face.

  3. Awww…Sidney is beautiful, just the way she is. And that pudge in the middle? In our house, we call that “ballast”. (But we have 2 tubby cats, and one is a Maine Coon, so he’s big (boned)).

  4. Sidney makes me miss my big fat snuggly cat. He migrated to my parents house when we adopted our girls. I’m pretty sure he took one look at them, did the math and decided that four humans (even if two of them were small) was too many.

    And seriously. What is with this city and baseball?! Go for Chinese food. In the long run, everyone will be happier.

  5. Sidney perhaps hasn’t mastered the art of looking thin, but she has successfully hid any double chins, which is more than I can say for any pictures of myself.

  6. What a pretty cat!
    Honestly, I love the Rascals. (Chaaaad Maaaaddox!) However, you are correct about the food. And the heat. I pity the kids in the sumo costumes.

    Still, it’s all so Bull Durhamesque that you have to love it.

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