Welcome, Henry Huggins!

As you know, we’ve been talking about getting a sibling for Scout.

Last week, the wonderful woman who helped us adopt Scout sent this link to me. We immediately fell in love with ALL of the puppies, but were most interested in adopting either Brownie (a female) or Scout (a male).

Long Story Shortened Because You Like It Like That: The woman fostering the pups took them to an adoption event today, and she held Brownie and Scout back for us. We got there and pretty much immediately knew that Brownie was a bit too quiet and cuddly for Scout’s aggressive ways. However, I’m pleased to report that Scout and Scout got along famously. Much sniffing and wagging!

Foster Mom: I have to warn you, Scout likes to put his paws in his water bowl and go crazy with splashing!

Me: So does our Scout!

Foster Mom: Also, he had an umbilical hernia, so you might want to keep an eye on that.

Me: So did our Scout!

(It was meant to be. I shall now adopt every dog named Scout and fill my house with Scouts.)

The girls and I held a quick meeting, where we decided that New Scout (who is 1/2 Beagle, 1/4 Shih Tzu, and 1/4 Brussels Griffon) looks like a Henry Huggins. (We name all of our pets after characters in books.) We filled out the papers, paid the fee, and brought our new family member home, where we’ll all live happily ever after. (Except for the cats, who are sitting in the basement applying black eyeliner, listening to Morrissey, and wondering what the hell is going on.)

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  1. As an owner of a 1/2 beagle, 1/2 britany spaniel, depending on big Henry gets, you will need a taller fence in the backyard. Ruby can jump almost to the top of our 6′ fence when chasing squirrels. She is 1 year old and about knee height on me (I’m 5’4″).

    Henry is adorable. He and Scout are BFFs for sure!

  2. I didn’t think it was possible, but Henry is even cuter than Scout! (Even cuter than MY Henry!) They are going to have so many great adventures with your girls.

    Also, Gracie sits in her room and listens to the cure all the time. We did take the eyeliner away, though. It’s awfully hard to get out of her fur.

  3. Oh man. My husband is in trouble. I totally want a puppy now. Specifically one from Scout II’s litter. Never mind that we have a crazy cat and a pre-schooler who can’t yet care for pets. I just want a cuddly, cute puppy so I can make adorable videos!

  4. Painfully cute, especially the girls on the floor with them! You could call them Girl Scout and Boy Scout. Henry is a great choice too. We name our dogs after music and books too. Well, our children are also named after books and music. So sorry to be so wordy. Love the blog.

  5. Those are some darn cute dogs.

    But I really need to know…can you spin their fur into dog yarn?

  6. I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who gets names from books! I have also used movies lately and we have used songs before (Althea we still miss you!). My bunny Dobby (I am sure that is a dead give away where I got that one!) and the dogs Klaus (Series of Unfortunate Events) and Neo (the Matrix dog!) say welcome Henry!

  7. there is SO MUCH CUTE in the pudding house! how can you even stand it???? I’d be letting out squeee-type noises all the time!

  8. I love this! He looks so happy – thank you, thank you for adopting him! And just so you know, Ziggy (www.adoptziggy.com), the deaf pit bull I’ve been trying to find a home for over the past year and a half, is now being renamed Scout. :-D

  9. Scout #1 must have some herder dog in him; he was pesky with the cat, too! But Henry seems to take it in stride. For your previous commenter, yes, dog hair can be spun into yarn (I can send you the spinner’s web address if you want it.)

  10. Arh so cute and such good friends. Makes me wish I had a garden and a dog-friendy life-style.

  11. The allergic-to-animals person in me sneezes a bit at you. But, the i-wish-i-could-have-a-pet person in me says puppypuppypuppy. You’ve got a house full of cute!

  12. That Queen song always makes me think of our dog romping around. Glad to see I’m not the only one who makes that somewhat random connection!

  13. I love both Scouts so much! They are so adorable – hooray for water bowl splashing! The dog I adopted as a college student was named Scout (for literary reasons, of course – our cat was then named Boo Radley and the house spider was Atticus), and we wanted to name our daughter that, too, but it just seemed too weird after having had a dog of that name. So we didn’t name her that, but guess what her nickname has ended up being? Yep, Scout.

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