Wait. Was there an earthquake today? Fiddle dee dee! Puppies!

So, it looks like Jeff’s workplace is putting out a pet calendar, and the person who scores the cover image gets something like a million dollars or a free pancake dinner or something in between. I’ve decided that we don’t necessarily need the cover, but we do need a spot within.

Will you help me decide which photo to submit? It looks like each person is allowed only one entry. Oh my word, I’m living in a pressure cooker over here! Life can be so tricky sometimes, no?

Photo #1: Scout in the Pool (This would make a great July shot, don’t you think?!)
Dog Days, etc.

Photo #2: Scout’s Big Puppy Feet (Why do we still have the pink carpet?! WHY?!?!?!)
Puppy feet!

Photo #3: Father’s Day! (This is good, because we’re also advertising one of the company’s books!)
Happy Father's Day.

Photo #4: Scout in Motion!
Scout in Motion

Photo #5: Scout’s First Day as a Pudding!

Photo #6: I can’t leave Henry out of the mix, but this is my only decent shot of him, and he’s showing his boy part…

Photo #7: Luna with Laptop on her back. (Rest in peace, Luna.)
Now I get it.

Photo #8: Sidney and Ramona Quimby
Sid & Ramona

Honestly, I’m leaning toward #4 or #5, but I would love to get your input. Because, really. What else do you have going on over there? (I know! Have I thanked you lately for putting up with me?!) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

73 thoughts on “Wait. Was there an earthquake today? Fiddle dee dee! Puppies!”

  1. I’m head-over-heels in love with number five. It makes me melt. But I can see what people love about number four too, which would be my second choice. Please let me know when the calendar is out. I would love to purchase one.

  2. Just one??! I’m terrible at choosing. They are all so darn cute, but yeah, I think I’d go with five as being in the “impossibly cute!” stratosphere.

    Can you subtly pay a visit to the person putting the calendar together and ask *their* opinion? “Which one do *you* think I should submit, huh, huh? And oh by the way, would you like this batch of cake pops I just happen to have brought with me for no reason whatsoever?”

  3. No 1 or 5. I’d lean towards no. 1 as it is ‘different’ and looks more like a studio shot (unintentionally).

    And about that earthquake…

  4. I can’t see 5 because work is blocking half the pictures, but based on what I can see, #4 is a winner. The tongue!

  5. #2 or #5 because both make me want a puppy and I need another thing to keep alive like I need a hole in the head

  6. I’m torn between #1 & #4.

    I like #1 because it looks so dreamy. But then u wonder if I would want to look at a wet dig all month. Maybe, because it’s so dreamy.

    I like #4 because of the composition. And yr tongue. I think it was the tongue that did it for me. So cute!

    I think you need to be careful with #5 because there may be competing against similar submissions.

    If I REALLY had to choose just one it would be #4.

    Good luck!

  7. No, no, no…hands down #2 if I had to choose one single photo that I’d want to look at everyday for a month! The rest are truly, truly wonderful, but #2 is calendar quality from the start! Okay, so maybe #5, too!

  8. Five! Six looks like my dad. Do you have my reincarnated father in your yard? I think you might. Make sure he exercises and eats his vegetables, and don’t let him watch politics or the Bowl games on TV, they both make him very upset.

  9. 5 because she’s smiling!! but 4 makes her look like she’s flying through the grass, so that’s a close 2nd! (all are adorable, though!)

  10. #5 is first choice, then #1. It’d better score the cover, dammit – no other animal could be that cute!

  11. I like 5, and then 2 and 4 are tied for close seconds. You could just photoshop the pink carpet a different color!

  12. #1 is a solid choice because it is so specific to a month. They may get a lot of head shots, they may not get a lot of clear, specific activity shots.

  13. #5. Then 1 or 2. In that order. :) But Kizz is right…go for specificity and it might land her a spot!! :)

  14. #4 b/c it’s adorable and b/c of the swath of grass on the side…perfect place for putting the calendar information

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