Singing pork! Dancing veal! What an entertaining meal!

Do you remember a few days back when I was lamenting about how a typical family of four cannot afford to see a show (specifically, Beauty and the Beast) at the Fox Theatre? Jasmin left a comment encouraging me to call the box office and ask if they sell rush tickets. I did, and yes! They do! BUT, they can’t guarantee that there will be any tickets left for Beauty and the Beast. BUT, the (very kind) woman I spoke with told me that I could go to the box office (thereby eliminating the ticket service charge) and say that I get The Pasta House Discount, which will take $10 off the price of each ticket. (In other words, the total price for four tickets will be about $80 cheaper if purchased at the box office instead of from the internet.) Victory!

Jeff was home sick today. (Flying from St. Louis to California to St. Louis to North Carolina and back to St. Louis in a span of 72 hours will do that to you.) I took advantage of his presence by making him ride to the Fox Theatre with me. (Driving into the city tends to make me nervous unless someone is in the passenger seat telling me what to do.) We went to the box office, where we quickly learned that the matinee shows didn’t have any decent seats left. Although I swore I wouldn’t do an evening show (because my kids tend to be in bed at 8:00 each night, and the evening Fox shows don’t start until 7:30), we decided that in order to get seats that Meredith could enjoy, an evening show was our only choice. When we selected our seats, I cleared my throat and said something to the effect of “Psst! Pasta House Discount! Whitey Herzog!”

Box Office Lady: That discount isn’t valid for these seats.

Me: Oh. Um. Oh. Are there any other discounts or coupons?

Box Office Lady: There is a Schnucks discount!

Me: Psst! Schnucks Discount! REO Speedwagon!

Box Office Lady: That discount isn’t valid for these seats, either.

Oh, internet. I did what I didn’t think I could do. I banged my fist on the table, smiled the smile of an insecure high school cheerleader, and sang, “I’ll take the tickets ANYWAY! HERE IS MY CHARGE CARD! RUN IT QUICKLY BEFORE I CHANGE MY MIND!!!”

We haven’t yet told the girls. I sort of want to get them dressed up, take them out for a nice dinner, and then spring the show on them.

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  1. I am so proud of you. Your kids will never forget this. And I’m glad you went to the box office. You could never have figured this out on the internet or over the phone. I hope it’s a magical evening.


  2. you’re an awesome mom! They will remember this for the rest of their lives. “remember that time that mom…” how sweet.

  3. But $40 discount for driving in to the box office, right? Go, you! And yay for a mid-week driving date with the poor jet-lagged SuperHero Family Breadwinner. Welcome home, Jeff — the whole internet missed you! :-)

  4. OH DUDE. You don’t even want to know what I paid for TWO tickets to Wicked, for the girl and myself, here in the ATX in one of those Broadway Across America shows. I am told it will be worth it, but I’m still sort of cringing. (I may have already told you all of this. I can’t remember. My husband is in India for two weeks! But I can’t blog about it or my dad will feel like he has to sleep on my front porch with a shotgun until the husband gets back! My brains are mush, is what I’m saying.)(Also: reallyneedadrink.)

    Oh wait, I made this about me! You girls and guy will have SO MUCH FUN at your show! You will! I love that you are just springing it on them. (Not to make it all about me AGAIN, but I wish I could see their faces when you tell them.) (I am picturing dropped jaws followed by squealing. And probably a couple of high fives.)

  5. Some things are totally worth splurging for, and this is one of those things. I agree with everyone else — the girls will remember this forever. Can’t wait to hear all about the evening. Love the element of surprise.

  6. SO SO SO Happy that you got tickets and you all are going!!

    This is my very favorite show…ever.

    Maybe I can come up with some funds for us to go see it. Brian and I saw it in 1996…9 months before Eli was born. :)

  7. What fun!! They are going to Love it!!
    I seen The Lion King a few years ago and it was the most amazing thing I ever seen!!! What a great surprise and what a nice mom!!

  8. Woohoo! You did it! (Too bad the discounts didn’t apply–that sucks!)

    It’s the 16th now–you’re officially past the halfway mark for NaBloPoMo! :)

  9. Congrats! The girls will love it.

    For future shows, do they have dress rehearsal tickets? That is usually a matinee the day or two before the run starts, full costumes and staging and cheap. Some places do them, some do not so it is just luck to find them, but if you do it is a great value.

  10. Oh! Oh! I’m so glad you went for it. I was at the Fox last night and it is such a magical place. Love it.

  11. Totally worth it.

    We took our 3 1/2 year old to a small family circus last month (Zoppe Family Circus! Go if they are near you!) and it was amazing to watch his reaction. I can only imagine that your girls’ reactions will be even more magical. In fact, though I don’t know you beyond your blog, I’m getting all teary just thinking about how excited they will be when the curtain goes up.

    I’m home with a sick baby today, and I’m tired, so that may also be causing the teariness. But hey! I’m home! And I think Calorimetry (from an old Knitty) may be the answer for the daycare teacher who needs a hat that fits over her pouf-y ponytail. (I’m making one for myself first. You know. To be sure.)

  12. I love surprises like that…telling my 8 year old son if, instead of going to school that morning, he’d like to ride the train to Chicago for the weekend. Could he run upstairs and ask his little sister too?

    Miss those days…

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