I don’t drink whiskey. Please send whiskey.

So, today’s NaBloPoMo entry is going to be a short one.

It seems that Meredith has lice. LICE. LICE!!!

I have been to Walgreens, where I purchased $38,495 worth of lice-killing products.

I am flipping out a bit. (More than a bit.)

Why am I suddenly itching?! WHY?!?!?!

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18 thoughts on “I don’t drink whiskey. Please send whiskey.”

  1. Oh God, lice and a UTI. This is not your best week ever. I don’t know if there is enough whiskey for this, you may have to branch out to tequila. I hope there is no reinfestation and you are all itch free for good. Cheers.

  2. Random tip I’ve been waiting to pop out to tell someone who smart I am: My hair stylist told me Tuesday that lice can’t live with hairspray or product (not clear if that is ANY) and she brushes it through her little girls hair in tiny amounts daily.

    Good luck. I was exposed at work a couple years ago and had to be treated in case. Long curly hair made it worse but still, ugh.

    I am so sorry

  3. OMFG! I would be freaking out and itchy too. I actually came to tell you yay you on buying tickets to Beauty and the Beast but now I’M itchy so I’m going to search my head for lice.

  4. Urgh. We had lice here in September (I spent the first day of freedom — er, school — combing out three of my children’s heads. My daughter’s hair took 3.5 hours), and I am SO SORRY.

    May I recommend the metal nit combs from Germany? They seemed to work the best.

  5. My nephew across the country had lice and I was itchy for days!

    Luckily he’s a boy who looks great with a buzz cut, so they sheared his head and his dad’s and that helped to minimize the situation a bit. How do you think your girls would look with buzz cuts? It’s chilly, but you could get them very cute earmuffs!

  6. I already blathered on your Facebook about this.

    I am a lice expert! Why does *no one ever listen.*

    Ask me about the life cycle of lice. Ask me about how they spread. I’ve done the RESEARCH. Did you know that baby lice are called nymphs? That’s just a tiny little sliver of my vast, vast knowledge.

    I’ve got a PhD in liceology. OK, well maybe only a master’s degree.

    I’m kidding. And I’m so sorry. But don’t panic. For the next 6 months you’ll think you feel them. But it goes away, I swear.

  7. Firstly, you have my sympathies. Lice suck (Haha). Secondly,I’ve found natural products only prolong the agony. Bomb the blighters off the face of the earth. Thirdly, treat again a week later and finally, comb, comb and comb some more (conditioner will immobilise the lice and make them easier to remove. Wipe comb on a tissue to see their presence more clearly). It’s the ONLY way to prevent them coming back. THERE! You have all my worldly wisdom in one paragraph. Enjoy.

  8. Oh no! Poor you. I am feeling itchy in sympathy.

    After you have nuked the suckers, I have it on very good authority (a Grade 2 teacher) that a little bit of Tea Tree oil in the shampoo can help prevent another outbreak.

    Good luck.

  9. Oh come on, they’re just little bugs that lay little eggs. Its not like they bore into your skull and eat your brain… or do they?

  10. I posted a big long comment commisserating(sp?) with you and telling you of the woes of headlice, and now I see it didn’t go through. :(
    All I know is you will get through this. And you are so lucky you already have a cute short haircut. After dealing with this issue over and over, and then getting letters every week from my daughter’s school telling us “there is a child in your son/daughter’s class with headlice…” I know exactly what you’re going through.

    I’m sure you’ll get enough advice, if you want my methods, let me know! I seem to have prevented them from returning this time….

    (I’m all itchy now….)

  11. Have you heard about this stuff? http://www.liceshield.net/
    I’m a teacher with two kids in elementary school, so I ALWAYS think I have head lice. I’m itching as I type this. This stuff changed my life. I spritz it on my kids at night when their hair is wet, and I’m able to stop obsessing over the possibility of those horrible bugs. Don’t worry. The kids’ hair only smells like a tiki torch until it dries. Then, it smells lemony fresh…..and lice-free! :-)

  12. Use the hairdryer on them. The adults and the eggs can’t stand the heat. Just make sure you are actually getting the warm air to the scalp where they are. Three kids, three cases of lice twice last year. The hairdryer +RID saved us.

  13. Lice happen to the best of us, Angie. This too shall pass. Not rapidly, mind you. We dealt with recurring rounds over a several month span until the school got wise and we started doing daily head-checks for all the kids (and staff!) every single morning at the door to every single classroom. One single nit was all it took to be banned for the day. Turn around. Go home. Both parents work? Tough cookies, people. Deal with it! Truly, that was the only thing that finally ended the vicious cycle.

    Hang in there. Before you know it, this too will be but a (bitter) (and resiliantly-vivid) family memory.

  14. Damn. I haven’t been on the computer since Thursday. No Internet! Had I been on I could have told you that good old fashion vaseline will get rid of lice, pesticide free. Slather it on. Shower cap (or braid), comb nits, NITS, daily. add vaseline as needed. It’s the only thing that worked on my daughter’s hair. Also, I didn’t wash or sanitize anything except her pillow case. Good Luck!

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