Are there penguins in Palestine?

I shared this tune with you a few years back on the morning that John Green met his demise in our front yard. We never did replace Mr. Green. (Can one actually replace a fallen hero—a hero who had suffered stab wounds on TWO separate evenings? I think not.)

Because she was starting to smell like a dog, yesterday we took Scout to the groomer.

Scout (aka "Christmas Princess")

She is now looking less like Dave Navarro and more like the subject of a Margaret Keane painting. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

4 thoughts on “Are there penguins in Palestine?”

  1. Your dogs have a solid lock on the “Best Dogs on the Internet” category — by a mile. So cute! And hey, did you ever enter that pet calendar contest thing?

    (See? Either I’ve been paying close attention and noticed that we never had an update on that, or, I’ve been slacking so badly that I completely missed it. Coin flip, anyone?)

  2. (Is it “shaved”? Or “shaven”? I feel like I made both of those words up… they just look wrong.)

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