Keeping the Winter at Bay

I feel myself fizzling a bit with the daily music thing. SO, I’m abandoning it! See? It’s just that easy! I’m now putting myself (and my family and that includes the dogs and let’s also throw lentils into the mix because this with eleven Ritz crackers is so amazing) before the music! (This is totally the cold medicine talking. I NEVER do well with cold medicine! I’m talking to you, phenylephrine!) ((By the way, Trader Joe’s doesn’t classify the Madras Lentil as vegetarian, and I’m assuming it’s because it is created with equipment that sometimes touches fish. A few months back, I touched a hedgehog.))

On a whim, I recently bought this, even though I do not wear tank tops, nor do I like to sparkle. I still haven’t worn it, because I have no idea HOW to wear it. Also, I fear it’s too small, but I’ve recently been told that I wear my clothing too big, so I’m in a complete Whirlpool of Terror (and Zero Self Awareness) right now. I have a fresh haircut, and today I smell like Quantum Leap.

I listened to this song three times in a row this morning. Apparently, it’s on my iPod three times in a row, due to forgetfulness and alphabetization. I didn’t mind the repeats at all.

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10 thoughts on “Keeping the Winter at Bay”

  1. Time for a little linky payback: First, your fragrance reminded me of this silly song that makes me happier than it should:

    Second, and I should know this, but do you eat fish? If so, there is a meal I like to make my family: because I have decided it is healthy for them (while I eat potato chips in the closet).

    I think that top is very pretty but I agree, I wouldn’t know how to wear it either. Maybe with something underneath? Not necessarily a turtleneck but maybe a scoopneck t or even an off the shoulder type shirt? I really shouldn’t be commenting on this at all. If there were grown up garanimals, I would buy them.

    I hope your cold is better. I don’t have a link for it but I do.

  2. Seems to me the sparkly tank top would look beautiful UNDER a fine cardigan or jacket. It would be the perfect amount of bling at a Christmas party.

    But, then, anyone who takes fashion advice from me would be a fool.

  3. You wear the tank with skinny jeans and tall boots or ballet slipper flats. You can put a light cardigan over it and belt it like First Lady Obama. You can wear this outfit anywhere after 5pm. Youngsters can get away with wearing it over a white, short-sleeved T, but not sure parents can wear that version. Give it a try. :)

  4. I agree with Sarah–cardi, jeans, cute shoes and you’re good to go. I have a hard time wearing sparkles too–I have a heathered gray cardi with silver sequins on it that would be just fine for the office, in fact, I have a coworker with a similar sweater and I never think she looks too blingy in the daytime, but I over think and always hang it back. I did wear it out tonight though.

    Also, inspired by your recent glasses purchase, today I bought these:

    They’re a men’s style, but the woman at Target said that they’re currently selling like hotcakes to women. So I took down the info and shopped around for the best price just like you!

    I’m not at all sure that I’m cool enough to carry them off.

    BTW, loving the daily Christmas tunes.

  5. Yep, black cardigan, jeans or black pants. It will look awesome on you! Feel better. I have the same predicament over dinner at my house…it does seem like a waste of time and effort at times but I keep trying….and there’s the occasional take out!

  6. Thanks for the tip on the Madras Lentils from Trader Joe’s. I’ll have to try it.

    Have you tried their frozen vegetarian meatballs? I also struggle with making multiple meals for my carnivore family and they like spaghetti and meatballs. Trader Joe’s veggie meatballs let us all eat (mostly) the same thing.

  7. You could wear it with a nice shawl–grey or black…and jeans or black pants…definitely Christmas party material too–lovely–I too am shy of the sparkle but will break it out at parties and festive occasions…I hope you enjoy it!

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