The Stimulatory Effects of Caffeine and Dog Pajamas

Well, hello there!

This morning we’ll be attending our fifth (and final) Christmas celebration. There will be turkey, but not for me. (There will be green bean casserole and mashed potatoes for me. Also, granola made by my sister, which happens to be the greatest granola anyone has ever eaten.)

The theme for this Christmas has definitely been Caffeination. I received a Keurig Home-Brewing System on Sunday, and have been drinking entirely too much coffee for the past two days. Yesterday I received an IngenuiTEA, so I spent the evening watching The Grass is Greener, knitting a hat, and drinking jasmine tea. As a result of the madness, I’m a bit jittery and the skin on my face has taken on the appearance of tectonic plates. (My Juan de Fuca plate is threatening to separate. I’ll keep you updated.)

Meanwhile, I have discovered how intoxicating it can be to put clothes on a dog.


Scout is now begging for Mork suspenders and one of those arrow headband things.

Merry Christmas from Scout and Henry!

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7 thoughts on “The Stimulatory Effects of Caffeine and Dog Pajamas”

  1. Please tell me you have a “Scout, smile!” command. Otherwise I won’t be able to rest until she’s in Hollywood causing hijinx on movie sets and making bad actresses jealous of her onscreen charisma, JLo!

  2. By the way, unless you didn’t know, “hijinx” is spelled that way only if it refers to canines on movie sets.

  3. I’m pretty sure I had some Christmas wrap in that very same pattern. Scout looks lovely…Henry wants to know where his jammies are?

  4. Does he like it? It does look cute. You should all get matching jammies for next year’s Christmas card.

  5. We just wanted to say thank you for all the lovely Christmas music that you provided on your blog here–my kids and I just sat here listening to carol after carol–they really enjoyed “Silver Bells”, I liked “Rachael Ray” and “Christmas with the Family”…thanks!

    Merry Christmas–I hope you all enjoyed your many many dinners–we have enjoyed ours and today we are celebrating Katrina’s 5th birthday! She’s so excited!

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