Guacamole Funna Do

I don’t make resolutions. I toy with plans.

When 2012 hits, I’m going to toy with the following:

1. Wear these shoes. (Okay. I ordered them last night. I plan on matching them up with skirts in the spring.)

2. Knit something or other, spin something or other, and take on more freelance projects.

3. Dance like someone’s watching.

4. Cry when Drew Barrymore cries.

5. Drink just as much water as coffee. I want two cups of coffee? Okay then, as long as it’s followed with two cups of water! Live long and prosper, kidneys.

6. Run. Or walk. Or just do something. Less time behind the computer. More time outside.

7. See what this whole Foster the People thing is all about.

8. Lose ten pounds. (I always do this in January. I have no self-control in November and December.)

9. Donate and/or toss enough stuff to help us reach the “Yes. Our house can now go on the market.” stage of moving forward.

10. Learn to say No when I want to say No instead of kicking myself for NOT saying No.

11. Choose two of the following three: Read More, Write More, Do More Math.

12. Dim Sum?

13. Go to the gym at least ten times OR bake biscotti twice.

14. Vote for whomever Matt Damon tells me to vote for. (Vote for whomever Matt Damon tells me for whom to vote.)

EDITED TO ADD: Oh! Wait. I would also like to hold a baby monkey. I have no idea how to make that happen. Does anyone out there have a baby monkey I could hold? Does Matt Damon have a baby monkey? Because: Killing two birds with one stone and all. (Figuratively.) Happy New Year to you. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

15 thoughts on “Guacamole Funna Do”

  1. I am always amazed by how similar everyone’s goals seem to be. Or plans. I don’t make resolutions either. I’m more of a planner and wrecker of plans.

  2. Mom drinks a glass of water between her cups of tea. I am tinkering with plans too. Need to sit here and type them up.

  3. I think I need to adopt this one cup of water for each cup of coffee rule. I believe I am probably always dehydrated. I like your list AND still want to go to Gokul with you. Indian food in 2012!

  4. I still keep this resolution: Drink one big glass of water before that first cup of coffee in the morning. And now I’m going to steal some of your resolutions!

  5. Did you steal that monkey from the zoo? If so: I approve. If not: I don’t have an “if not.” I also don’t have a monkey.

  6. I am with you on #9! I have one year (give or take a few months) to make this happen. Unfortunately Christmas with three kids followed one week later by twins having a birthday is thwarting every good intention I had in beginning tossing/donating/organizing a couple of months ago.

    Also, I am going to have to paint because my whole house looks like three kids live in it, marks-on-the-wall-wise.

    Happy new year!

  7. Many years ago, I went to a circus themed graduation party that had a monkey that everyone got to take turns holding. That is how I randomly found out that I am apparently ALLERGIC to monkeys and broke out head to toe with hives :)

    Happy New Year!

  8. I’m so with you on drinking as much water as coffee. Horrible about that. And my 8 yo is with you on wearing shoes this year (or at least wearing them more than once before they disappear.) And read more, write more…good. Math with me, not so much.

  9. I’ve also resovled to knit more in 2012. In this sense 2011 was a disaster. (returning to full-time work & hobbies don’t mix well)
    Have you tried a zoo for your monkey holding experience?
    Here in the Mediterranean/Middle East it is traditional to serve strong coffee accompanied with a glass of water.
    I’m not sure about Matt Damon but Jason Bourne – yes!

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