Der Stiefel!

Yesterday morning I drove about ten miles south to meet a sports medicine orthopedic guy about my ankle.

He took an x-ray of both legs (posterior tibial stress fracture in the left, nothing in the right!) and an MRI of my left ankle (results pending!). He also told me that I might need to think about cross-training as I work toward the 5K gig.

Me: Does that have anything to do with swimming? Because I can’t swim.

Doctor: No. I’m talking about the treadmill and perhaps a stationary bike.

Me: Would you like me to ride a horse? I’ve never ridden one!

Doctor: No horses.

Me: How about snowboarding?!

Doctor: The MRI technician said she can work you in right now. You’ll need to go downstairs to check in.

Me: Shall I contact the United States Curling Association for membership information?

Doctor: Here. Wear this for two weeks.


Apparently, stress fractures are fairly common for those who begin moving after spending years enjoying what was mostly a sedentary lifestyle. (No worries. The doctor is convinced that I’ll be able to run again before the end of March.) Thus it is, and so it goes. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

14 thoughts on “Der Stiefel!”

  1. Oh my, it was not a sprainy thing all that time after all. Rest it up and eat your calcium-rich veggies while it heals!

  2. Thinking of you. Hope it feels better soon. I think my body was telling me to take up another sport.

  3. I was told that there is a female curling team in the town where I work. It is totally amateur (think bowling league) and I want in on that action. My move back to Wisconsin from Missouri has been full of surprises!

  4. Ummm. did I mention my whole Wii boot experience? yeah… been there, done that, still have my boot… I loved my boot. Sometimes I pull it out and wear it for no reason.

  5. your persistence, in both running and injuring yourself, is amazing. : ) hope the foot is better soon. I actually wear something similar while I sleep thanks to raging plantar fasciitis. weeee. fun.

  6. One word…yogurt! (Healed my ridiculously shattered wrist in a much shorter time than predicted…the orthopod told me I was a calcium making machine…)

    Love the critter in the pic!

  7. If you wanted to, you could ride the stationary bike with that boot on. Also – you can read and ride a stationary bike. Also – you can read at the same time!

  8. Is it possible to knit on a stationary bike or is that like trying to rub your head and pat your tummy at the same time?
    (Hope you have a speedy recovery.)

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