This is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time.

Sometimes I’m really good at responding to comments at Fluid Pudding. Sometimes I’m just not. Please know that I’ll try to do better. Also, I love how so many people are with me on the “Hey. Let’s drop this extra weight.” gig.

How am I doing with that so far? This morning I weighed two pounds less than I did the last time I saw you. It’s probably part of the whole “two pound daily water weight fluctuation” thing that everyone talks about. I say this because I went to my parents’ house a few days back where I ate a half package of Double Stuf Oreos. (I really do hate that Nabisco leaves off the second f. Can anyone tell me why it’s not included? Is it so people like me will talk about it?) I definitely do not f-ing deserve to be two pounds down. Heh.

This morning I had a banana and coffee for breakfast before I went out for my run. I then returned home and found that one of my very favorite Facebook friends (who occasionally comments here, and I want to link to her so badly, but I’ll wait to gain her permission) had posted before and after shots that show how her body has changed shape since she started working out. It is incredible. Inspiring. It actually brought tears to my eyes. (I’m ovulating.)

So, yes. Fight Club. That’s what we’ll call it and that’s what we’ll do. After all, we’re fighting to escape the temptation umbrella that covers Double Stuf  [sic] Oreos and all of Double Stuf Oreos’ friends! Also, if I see one of you on the street, I just might punch you in the face to keep in the spirit of the game. Project Mayhem!!! (I still love all but one of you.)

The first step I’m going to take is to create a better playlist for my runs. I’ve been a little bummed about the fact that I’m still unable to run five kilometers without stopping. I’m also a little bummed that I don’t seem to be running very quickly at all. As I ran this morning, this song came on:

I absolutely love that song, but here’s the thing. I can’t read and listen to music. I can’t knit and listen to music. I really can’t do anything that requires concentration if music is playing. Similarly, because of the marching band feather that I tend to wear in my cap, I cannot walk or run unless it’s with the beat of the music. If I try to ignore the beat and concentrate on my pace, I end up sort of tripping because a small part of me is trying to put three eighth notes with every beat to meet my goal of hitting a ten minute mile. It’s a disaster. So, yeah. No more ballads.

With that said, I also need to be careful, because if I try to step on Leftie with every beat of this song, I’m going to be running faster than the neighborhood rabbits, and that’s when my legs tend to break. Such fence-dancing!

Scout got a haircut, and my camera went fuzzy.


Let’s see. After losing her iPod Nano nearly a year ago, Meredith finally found it yesterday in a tiny pouch on top of her dresser! We have been rejoicing.

Hey. Follow this link and scroll down to #4 on my Things I Love The Most in Life on Friday, April Sixth. (I’ll wait right here.)

Now, let’s sing a song about vicissitudes! Come to find out, the person who was elected to replace me as PTO treasurer dropped out during the summer. Because of our bylaws, only three people were eligible to fill the slot. One of the three said she would do it. (She is not me.) BUT, after thinking about WHY I don’t want to be on the board and also thinking about how the person who said she would do it already has an overflowing plate, I decided to put on my cocksure shoes and step up. As a result, I’ve spent this afternoon searching my closet for a confidence shirt to wear to tomorrow night’s meeting. I believe I’ll go with this one, and I believe I’ll have a Xanax with my traveling big girl cup of water.

I’ve lost my blue knitting notions bag. It’s full of tapestry needles and safety pins and a measuring tape and cable needles and stitch markers and several little pieces of yarn in various weights. If you see it, please let me know. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

24 thoughts on “This is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time.”

  1. Check the top of your dresser!

    (I know — too obvious – couldn’t resist though — too busy resisting sugary carbs instead — sigh!)

  2. You know? I still haven’t found my scooter key. So if you have any magical juju that helps you find the knitting bag, send it my way.

    Yeah for two pounds!

  3. Tomorrow my big boy starts pre-k, and I am already a wreck. It is not a good time for me to give up Oreos. Or really, any kind of treat. Though I did not get myself a decaf frappucino today. Tomorrow is going to be very very hard.

  4. Can I join you but in secret in case I fail? That sounds a little pathetic but it is my birthday month (I celebrate the whole month because no one can stop me) and there will be more merry making than usual (I make merry with cake, ice cream, french fries and real coca cola). So while losing weight is on my list, not losing weight is ahead of it and I need to finish that first.

  5. Dude! Tomorrow, if my boy child does not up and explode the way he did pretty much every day last week, I will write a new blog post! It will have the same photos! And details of how I did it! And you may link to it, of course you may!


  6. Your bag will be in the last place you look… and it actually took me until I was 20 years old to realize that this saying meant that of course it would be in the LAST place you look because why would you look for it in any other place once you found it… I’m slow, I admit it.

  7. I am so in for Fight Club (I can’t remember if I commented last time or not). I have not weighed myself in probably 2 months (I am afraid to get on the scale at this point) & I can’t really work out yet due to hurting my back a few weeks ago. I am 37 years old and my body is behaving like I’m 70. *sigh*)

    Anyway, I’m attempting to eat better this week with the goal of full on starting Fight Club next Monday (after I get through throwing a baby shower on Saturday).

    Also, I kind of love calling it Fight Club. Please don’t punch me in the face if you see me on the street.

    (Do you have one of those ottomans that you can store stuff in? Look there for your notions bag. I keep forgetting I put stuff in there to make my apartment look less messy & then I can’t find it. :P)

  8. Weight wise I am at the same place, but that is good news because my father had a birthday party, we went to the State Fair (food on a stick!), labor day party etc. and I was very good at moderation and didn’t gain a thing. So, I will take that as a Fight Club win and hope this coming week begins the gentle slope downward of my weight.

  9. Sooo, I think I just read the post from the fellow blogger to which you referred, and I am completely inspired. Interestingly, the office where I work has a complete workout room and stupid me has never used it. It. Is. Time. I don’t think I’ll be able to ever post before and after pictures online, but I’m ready to get rid of this flab! At 51 I know I could be so much better.

    On another note…I absolutely HATE the use of misspelled words in brand names. Just like I hate the use of misspelled human names.

    BTW – that shirt? So cute! I have to start shopping on that website!

  10. That top should definitely inspire confidence. I love it. Just think how much better you’ll be at public speaking by the time the girls graduate. You’ll have so much practice.

    Good luck with Fight Club. I wish I had it in me to join but as a previous commenter said, I need to finish not losing weight first.

  11. Silly question? Is it bad to stop after a certain time when running or not running fast? Sorry not a runner. Sorry I’m not following. I’m a Zumbaer. I think I made that up? Anyway isn’t it just swell to just run? Yes for Meredith on finding her Ipod Nano. I hope you find your knitting bag. Good luck with PTO and I cannot listen to music and drive. I get caught up in the music and my mind wanders instead of focusing. I am a nervous driver. The whole not wanting to kill anyone thing. Heh.

  12. Good for you for the two pounds down. Doesn’t much matter how that happened, does it?

    I know nothing of running, so no help there, but can’t you just walk at a brisk pace so you don’t break your legs?

    That shirt is the most beautiful shirt I’ve ever seen. Seriously. You should be overwhelmed with confidence wearing it. Please remember underwear, though, for the PTO meeting.

    Glad Meredith found her iPod. Now, go look in your car for your knitting bag. It’s probably there.

  13. Gah! You are too kind! I am sure the PTO appreciates you…if they don’t can I punch them in the face? JK…I have gained 2lbs over the weekend…dammit! And no stores near me are getting SweeTangos this year…double dammit!

  14. I have the same problem with workout music. As a Bass player, I am super-cued into the rhythms I hear and sense. I found some great workout music on iTunes. I’m really into electronic music (House/Trance/Dub) because it is pretty predictable so my music brain goes on auto-pilot and I can get down to business. One of my favs is Trance Workout by Graham Gold. Last check it was like 5 bucks on iTunes. It has all the songs in ‘single’ form but then it also has 40 minute continuous mix. One song, one workout.

  15. Yay, my work browser no longer thinks you have dangerous links! Also, I’m with you on the fight club. I’ve been moving and apparently not eating so my weight has dropped a bit, but I bet it goes back up once I move into my house completely and resume regular meals.

  16. I will make a concerted effort to locate you knitting bag if you can try and find my d&@$ air mattress blower upper thingy. My house isn’t that big. I think the gremlins who torment me keep moving it if I get close. Sigh…

  17. So, the other night I dreamed about you, and you were coming into the foyer of my office and telling me not to use the word ‘just’ so often in my blog posts.

    This has nothing to do with anything. Moving on.

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