Let’s talk about socks.

It has been brought to my attention that I haven’t made enough handknit socks for myself.

It’s Sunday evening and I’m within inches of crashing for the night, and I know I promised to write at Fluid Pudding every day this month. Today is the first day that I came horribly close to breaking that promise. Hrm. I promised quantity. Not quality.

So here.

These are the socks I’ve made for myself. (Other socks I’ve knit appear over here. Do you remember when I paid for my trip to BlogHer by knitting socks for people? That was tricky.)

I finished these ghost socks two years ago, and get this: The yarn is actually dyed so that if you make gauge, you get ghosts. Seriously.

Ghost Socks!

These are my Conjoined Twins. (They were knit two at a time on one super long circular needle. I know you’re thinking that knitting two socks at a time sounds like fun. (I KNOW you are!) Anyway. It wasn’t.)

Conjoined Twin Ribs

These are my Embossed Leaves, and they get a lot of wear during this time of the year. So comfy.

Embossed Leaves Socks

My Spiraling Coriolis socks are big and thick and they’re best worn with a robe and a plan to nap.

Spiraling Coriolis

My Jaywalkers were the first pair of socks I made. They’ve been going strong for nearly six years.

F to the MFO

My Red Robin Monkeys are my very favorites. I love every single colorway the dyer created, and I find that I save her yarn for special projects. Sadly, this particular pair of socks are getting VERY thin on the bottom. I may need to find some sort of decorative prosthetic leg so I can keep them on display forever.

Red Robin Monkey Socks. One hatched, one gestating.

My Radioactive Sex Monkeys died last year.

Radioactive Sex Monkeys

My Go With the Flows died in 2010.

Go With the Flow Sock--1 down, 1 to go?

Looking ahead, I believe I’m going to put some time aside during the holidays to knit up one of the following pairs. (I know. So many of you are rolling your eyes and falling asleep right now. I’m better than Ambien and chamomile tea!)

The Tea Time socks are part of Around the World in Knitted Socks, and I think they’ll be fairly quick.

It's Tea Time Socks

The Green Isles, also from Around the World in Knitted Socks, look to be time consuming and lovely and perfect.

Green Isle Socks

Thank you for your patience. Maybe tomorrow I’ll talk about underpants. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

21 thoughts on “Let’s talk about socks.”

  1. i don’t knit socks. *IF* one must wear socks, which I rarely do, even do I live in CANADA, i buy my socks. in a store…. knitting skills should be reserved to above-the-knee work.

  2. My weekly knit group is thinking of doing a sock knit-along, and I’m planning to try toe-ups for the first time ever. I have some really cool sock yarn to use and I want to use every teeny bit of it, not guess how long I can make the leg without running out.

  3. I don’t knit, but I *do* wear socks and speaking from sock wearing experience, knitted socks are unbelievably comfortable, soft, and makes me feel special when I wear mine. Not to mention how beautiful they are.

    I do try to save wearing mine for special occasions. Seriously.

  4. I love all of your socks! But, do they really have to die? When they start to get thin, could you somehow sew cloth (flannel?) or leather pads on the bottoms & turn them into slipper socks?

    Also (doing my best to prolong the conversation here) what is your opinion on the “socks” vs “sox” controversy?

  5. Also, I DO remember when you knit (knitted? too lazy to go googling for conjugation of that verb) the conjoined twins! I was wildly impressed that such a feat could even be possible, and no way did it look or sound easy!! You often make these projects *look* easy, Angie, but to my discerning, and completely knitting-challenged eye, they can’t possibly be (easy)

    Now, if you are seriously looking for things to write about, please get crackin’ on posting ideas for how I can possibly feed incoming vegan housguests over the holidays. I’m already beginning to panic, and google things like “tofu turkey”. I mean, there’s only so much mashed potato these people will be willing to eat — and then, only if I can figure out how to make them without butter or milk. Aieeee!!!

  6. Aww, I actually remember the first pair you finished, when you became “a knitter of socks.” I’ve still yet to make a sock, (let alone a pair.) I’m not sure why socks intimidate me but I can whip up cable knit fingerless mittens in an afternoon. All that’s missing is the heel, right? I mean, if I can do a thumb gusset in my sleep, why should turning a heel give me pause? The world may never know. The Green Isles pattern is lovely, it might be just the inspiration I need to give sock knitting a try…

  7. I can’t believe you knitted all those gorgeous things! I didn’t even know people could do things like that any more! Been out in West Texas too long, I guess. Saw some show on the “house working” channel today and the guy was in a store looking at door knobs that cost $1,700 dollars each!!! I didn’t even know such things existed! (And I consider myself an educated woman–at least $90,000 of student loans worth!)

    Anyway, lost my train of thought there. I am amazes at your talent everytime you show something you have made. Wish I lived near enough to get lessons! Really appreciate the daily messages(?), too.

  8. I think knitting two at a time anything would just lead to tangling, swearing, and heartache. (Maybe not heartache.)

    I still love the ghost socks.

  9. I also do not have enough socks for myself and I STILL don’t have a pair of Monkeys for me (I’ve knit them several times for other people, though). My first & second pairs are dangerously close to dying, though they haven’t yet.

    I have 3 pair of socks on the needles for me, but it takes me forever to finish a pair. I want them all RIGHT NOW, though. :)

    (Hermione’s Everyday Socks is a quick & easy pattern & also very good for variegated yarn. Use some of your hoarded Wooly Boully for it. :D)

  10. Do the Green Isles! I recently finished my first pair of colorwork socks, and they are so cushy and wonderful (double thick). Also, I find that following a chart makes the sock go by much quicker.

  11. I still consider myself a “newer” knitter. (started a few years ago). I just can’t justify using my knitting time on socks. Of course, I have not really done any sweaters yet either. I think I just don’t have enough time to knit – AND – I think I am very slow.
    SO – here’s something to write about:
    Where and when do you knit?
    How do you maximize your knitting time?
    What does knitting keep you from doing? (example: reading – I have not figured out how to read and knit at the same time)
    Any suggestions for increasing your speed?

    Also – do your girls knit? My children love the “knifty knitter” and my oldest has learned to knit with needles. My boy gave it a try, but got frustrated – I think we need to try different yarn with him. If your girls knit – do you have teaching suggestions for children?

    I will say that we have an “arts and crafts” lunch at work, with both knitters and crocheters- and we are offering knitting lessons there this month – so – yay! More knitters!

  12. I have one very special pair of FP socks in a lovely raspberry/green/brown fall color palette that are my very favorites! They have been worn to a homecoming parade, several pumpkin patch adventures, early morning fall league soccer games, and also lounging around the house (because I like to kick my feet up and admire them while I read Halloween-themed cozy murder mysteries).

    All of those you posted look equally beautiful.
    You had no idea how much those socks would be loved when you sent them several years ago!!

    And to Carroll – may I suggest a buffet of side items? Fresh, warm green beans with almond slivers, three bean salad with mushrooms, baked yams, mashed potatoes (made with soy milk), and ask your guest if there is a special dish she enjoys that you can make for her. (Can you tell my sons are all under the age of 7? I don’t have to deal with girlfriends yet.)

  13. I WANT GHOST SOCKS! Ghost yarn also would make great mitts since the gauge is the same. Jaywalkers were my first socks, as well; they might even have been in the same yarn! (That pattern was on HipKnits, remember that?)

  14. Not too add more to your to do list but have you considered an Etsy site? Forgive me if you already have one. Your socks are really exceptional looking!

  15. Make the Green Isles! Love those, especially the color. You’d rock those!
    P.S. I should comment here more since I visit often. Will work on that….

  16. I currently have “let’s talk about sex” running through my head. I think I’ll go eat some chocolate and hope the radio is on in the snack shop. :)

  17. elsiroomom: AUDIOBOOKS! You can download them straight to your computer and then upload them into an iPod from many public library websites.

    Also, knitting justifies a crapload of tv watching.

  18. I don’t know that anyone else could make socks so funny. This post made me laugh out loud. (Not at your socks! They’re awesome. At your commentary…equally awesome.) The “decorative prosthetic leg” segment made me think of A Christmas Story and that lamp! With a sock on it! Oh my gosh, you are so funny. I’ve scrolled through several posts just giggling away.

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