It doesn’t get much better.


This photo was taken during my morning run. (My TERRIBLE run. My run during which I couldn’t actually RUN for ten minutes without stopping. Apparently, I have no drive unless the little man in my ear is yelling at me! It looks like I need to keep the little man around.)

Perfect weather. Perfect trees. Perfect leaves. Perfect sun. Perfect mom deer and her two baby deers. Argh. It’s just too much. I can’t get enough of this time of year. (We’re going to a marching band competition on Saturday, and it’s also our eleven year anniversary. I will probably put on my clogs and explode with Perfect Dayitatum.)

After this morning’s run, I came home, tried to figure out how to open two Excel files side by side, and eventually left for a veggie kebob lunch with a friend. I then returned home, somehow got the Excel thing to work, and quickly left the house to sit in the pick-up line and work on the headband for a half hour. Back to school at 5:00 to pick Meredith up from Girls on the Run. Straight to Panera for black bean soup and then to a retirement center at 5:50 so Meredith could sing with her choir.

Now? Now I’m back home and I’m getting ready to pajamafy myself and either hit the Excel files or the headband. I haven’t yet decided.

Wait! Em! You asked how I pick up knitting and know where I am in the pattern after the project lies dormant for a bit. I write all over my patterns, I have a ton of row counters that I leave in the Ziploc bags with my projects, and I often write notes on pieces of tiny notebook paper and stick those in the bag, too. (I have a terrible memory. I used to have a great memory. I have no idea what happened.)

Headband. The Excel files can wait until tomorrow. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

4 thoughts on “It doesn’t get much better.”

  1. When you do headbands and other heady things is when I really get jealous. I can’t buy the things in the stores because I have such a BIG HEAD! My Dad was in the Army and I never could wear any of his hats because I had such a BIG HEAD. I can hardly ever buy hats–old or new–because they just arn’t big enough. (BIG HEAD!)

  2. OK, keep this up and I am likely to talk myself into going to the local library for their weekly knitting group session one of these days. I feel sure it must be full of kind and welcoming people just like you who could mentor and inspire me to figure out what one actually does with row counters, and why I should not be completely terrified at the thought of a cable stitch. Your headband project is excellent, Angie. Warm ears, with affectionate thoughts of you coming soon to your lucky recipients :-)

  3. I miss the colors of fall. They just aren’t the same here in Fort Worth, TX. Ugh! Excel files. I need to create a couple for my lab results. Not really my favorite program. I might have to try to go to a band competition with one of Rebecca’s former teachers. Her son is in band. My only way to get a fix.

  4. I too love this time of year. I know spring is full of newness but I think fall makes me appreciate growing older maybe just be ok. If the leaves and nature can be spectacular. Why not us?
    And Panera is my second home. Besides Target and Barnes and Nobles.

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